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  1. Cant lie, I have been very out of the loop with the theme park stuff for quite some time now. Last time I went for a day at a park wouldve been Behemoth Bash which was great. Why not get back into it with this. You can count me in.
  2. Those meatballs are the best. I work at Ikea in the restaurant and I cant get enough them.
  3. ^ Those pictures are so clear and stunning, it actually gave me chills. Especially the Eagle with the profile.
  4. Congrats on graduating. Im an '08 grad. And listen to the post above because college is way better than higschool. Edit: Make that two posts above.
  5. Its actually because Tony Stewart drive for a new team and his car is the Office Depot and not Home Depot and he's also #14.
  6. ^ About the EVO's, I have heard that happen to a lot of people. At least you had a gravity hopper. I remember one time going to field and my eggy decided to stop working so I had to pull off the classic shake and shoot. And 16 on 2 sounds like it would be awesome.
  7. ^That picture is insanely awesome. Its as if there in a train but, they are not. Its hard to explain. Nice Vertical
  8. Hey! Been a while since I have done much on these forums but I got pretty caught up with skiing during the off season. Picked up Mario Kart Wii 2 days ago and my code is: 3136-8015-3615
  9. ^ Those pictures are FANTASTIC! Keep it up.
  10. I was going to say that. She looks like shes got many years to go. Good for her.
  11. This actually very impressive. Props to them for not making this look like a relocated coaster just plopped down. I think having rides so up close and just going all around you even gives people not riding an experience. Great Colors Great Plaza Good Vibe
  12. Good looking glades.^ I have been skiing for about 9 years now. I have really tried doing alot more new stuff this year along the lines of park and glades and pow riding. And all I can say is it was my best year of skiing. I have been interested in taking snowboard lessons but never end up doing it as skiing never gets old. Places I have been too: Blue Mountain, Collingwood - One of the better places in Ontario Hidden Valley, Huntsville - Ok I guess Whiteface, Lake Placid - Not bad but I see why people call it Iceface Smuggs, Vermont - Best place I have skied Too many more to name off.
  13. I think Shawn up there^ has the right idea. It sounds like loose connection and or pressure being put on something.
  14. I have always loved gym class. Probably cause I love playing sports but the gym program my school has we focus on sports from other countries. But, this year last semester I had a gym class and its called Small Group Focus and basically its regular gym like playing floor hockey, dodgeball etc but the deal with it is your at school one week doing gym than go somewhere else the next week to play billiards, tennis, darts, curling, golfing and bowling. Heck sometimes we went just tobogganing. It was an amazing class.
  15. What ever happend to the show Doug. Those were the days.
  16. Its nice to hear that the weather we got here is the same as the poeple who usually get pumbled. I am hoping for snow to do a little jibbing but as far as I know: Alot of Snow coming in the next 2 weeks and temperatures are plummeting to what they should be in January with highs of -5*C
  17. Not bad at all. Very quick and up-tempo. Just thought I would let you know too that the station roof goes into the track. But other than that very good.
  18. Zoey 101 domes and spermicide would be a great add to the line of merchandise.
  19. I have to second that on every place I go with a Drop Tower (May it be S&S or Intamin) the girl whose feet got cut off always pops up. But if you think about it, there are car crashes every day and people get pretty messed up but people still drive them. Why can't it be the same for rides.
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