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  1. Wow! Do I ever Agree. Ya its not that bad of a park. And Superman and Viper are the best in the park.
  2. I enjoy In Living Colour and Kids In The Hall every once in a while
  3. That Video was Great It reminded me of a show on OLN called Survivor Man.
  4. I use to use that but I use mostly mIRC and BitTorrent now with the underground stuff I listen to but winMX is good. And Your Welcome Benzo
  5. Hey, I have never used Limewire before but I was up for a hunt and I think I have come to the rescue Go to this link http://download.kappa.ro/action__file/action__license/id__1/file__231 and click on Sunt de Acord
  6. Wow! I goto school later then you guys on Sept 5 but I also get out on June 15 and exams finish on the 30
  7. No it's Canadian because I believe everything that is good is Canadian. But don't make a big deal about this because its just my way of thinking.
  8. Thanks for informing that the japanese version isn't much better but its one of those games that you go back play every so often and I prefer real drum sticks over those plastic ones so. There my dogs property now And there hard to find here in Hamilton so I could always easily sell it to one of my friends but. Oh too add mine cost $20 Canadian
  9. Probaly one game for NES I will always remember is the Duck Hunt/Mario Bros. Me and my friends always goto each others houses and we play tournaments of that game. And has anyone else ever heard of or have Coleco Television because I have that and I haven't heard it around . I got it passed down from my dad and wow is that a box of fun.
  10. One of favourite older movies that I watched everyday for about 2 weeks is: Dazed and Confused-Nothing better then a movie with no plot to it and just showng a high school party. Makes me laugh everytime and most of the Chris Farley movies
  11. You were right about starting your day with a Tim Hortons coffee.
  12. You have to get it from websites but I got mine from www.gocybershop.ca and they were good. It took about 1 week to ship but I have patience so...
  13. Ya i got Taiko American version and when I got it I was so pumped but after I unlock 2 songs (WTF) I just found it stupid and gave my dog the drumsticks for a chew toy so im hoping to get a japanese version Oh ya to add I got HDloader for my PS2 so all my games are on hardrive and I can go on the net and download games and put them on my harddrive and play good stuff
  14. trustkill22


    I haven't had braces and im hoping not to get them. But it seems that when im at school im like a misfit because everyone has them but meh
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