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  1. a massive thank you, for taking the time to provide us with some great info. We really appreciate it.It's just the sort of info that's difficult to get from guidebooks and the park web-sites. We were in NYC in 2002 and took the trip out to Coney Island then, as you can imagine Jane hated the Cyclone, and I loved it ( Just one of those special rides). Now you might think I'd have no chance of getting back there, but Jane loved the Hot Dog's from the original Nathan's Hot-Dog stand - So you never know? (Women can be very unpredictable!) Thanks again Colin.
  2. Would love to add this park into the trip as have never been, but had to compromise with Jane (Who is a Disney addict, and thinks other parks are O.K. as long as they have some good smooth non-looping coasters and some good water rides). She also prefers sight-seeing if it's not a Disney park, hence our split itinerary. I enjoy the sight-seeing as well, but would like to add some extra parks if I could. Are these parks 'pay one price' or can you just nip in and ride the coasters. If you can there's an outside chance I might be able to sneek them into the trip? Thanks for all the tips so far, especially about the discounts. Cheers guys.
  3. Our U.S. road trips always combine sight-seeing and parks and we always try and add some new bits to all our trips, as well as some old favourites. For the first time we're on vacation at the same time as the schools, as the parks we want to visit don't open in September/October during the week - will this cause us any additional problems? The other tips were after, from anybody that may be able to help, are things like: rides to hit first, rides to avoid unless we're desperate for the credit, good places to eat, water parks worth spending time at, where to get discount tickets for CP and Kennywood (will be buying SF season pass), is Q-bot worth spending money on + any other random tips any of you with local knowledge may have. Our itinerary: 13/15 Aug - Boston 16 Aug - SF New England (New Park) 17 Aug - SF Gt. Escape (New Park) 18 Aug - SF Darien Lake (New Park) 19-20 Aug - Niagra Falls 20-21 Aug - Cedar Point (Last visit 2000) 22 Aug - Kennywood (Last visit 1997) 23-24 Aug - SF Gt. Adventure (Last visit 1997) 25-28 Aug - New York Would really appreciate any help anybody can offer. Colin & Jane Young (Nottingham - England)
  4. Hi Robb & ElissaLoved reading your reports, sounds like you had an amazing holiday. Totally agree with you about the Motor Action stunt show and Big Thunder being better in Paris. How did you cope with all those foreign languages????? Suprised you didn't make it to Port Aventura?(From memory I don't think you've ever been) I guess it was just to far out of the way for you. Now you may think this a totally insane suggestion, but it would be an easy add on to a U.K. trip. No, honestly stop laughing , it really is. My Sister is currently working in Barcelona and we went over for the weekend in May. Loads of cheap flights from U.K. airports, then only 1 1/2 hrs by train direct to the park (has it's own station on the mainline). Just a thought, and if you want a tour guide let me know. Regards Colin.
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