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  1. Ya, but it looks like it has some potential. So thats a plus. Oh ya and were there old ones the ones that the arrows used to break very easily and always used to be sold on ebay.
  2. OK I have never heard of Blueshark because I just got back into DDR after a year sooo...Ya that does look like a pretty nice pad Man I have to get the PC adapter off lik-sang.com because I almost have all the DDR mixes with I think about 10,000 songs and then I have the Step, N Music addon and boy I really am liking Pop N Music. People should try it out. Its fun.
  3. I always thought it came closer to the edge too. PS: That site does have some nice POV's on it.
  4. I've been skiing for hmmmmmmmm 7 years so far and I did skiing for 4 years and snowblading for 3 years onto my fourth and I love skiing. Its one of those things that everyone should really try and I recommend skiing then snowboarding for anyone one that has never been. My school usually goes there for the ski trip. Nice Pictures, Hope ya had fun.
  6. Real what you paid is pretty good because i've seen metal pads going for average $100 without shipping so you got a good deal. Also for those metal pads can you use shoes on it???
  7. Uh oh TPR Online DDR tournament. Ya those hard foam mats are good but i'll stick with my highly worked in mounted-on-a-piece-of-wood pad . And if you wanna see an incredible pad thats better than the original arcade check out Cobalt Flux pads. Incredible but they cost like $300 but are very high quality and on the website they run it over with a moped and cars and stuff and it still works fine. In-flippin-credible.
  8. Man, I wish I couldve gone on that but still it seems a bit pricy after watchin this POV but its probaly different when youre personally that high up and the atmosphere is probaly weird. http://www.ukrides.info/usa.htm
  9. Don't worry Benzo I have heard something like that too how PP runs dry.
  10. I was going to say im a Heavy player and I stick with my pad that is so worked in. And I haven't really played any of the JP mixes but they probaly are better.
  11. I've got 3 garbage bags full of Teddy bears in my closet.
  12. One time a bunch of people should all play online against each other it would be good. Maybe like a little tournament.
  13. oops sorry guys I just relised I was in this thread I thought I was in random because I read something off-topic. SORRY
  14. Man I got DDR Extreme 2 for christmas this year and I have every DDR for US Playstation and I have to say this is the best so far. I just wanted know what your opinions are and does anyone play online here on it???
  15. That was a killer video and my favourite part is the fan had no clue what the hell was going on when he was 5 feet up in the air ready to be drivin in to the ground.
  16. I got a PSP Giga Pack cause im high rolling with Socom Fireteam Bravo and Need For Speed Rivals and a Automatic Electric SMG Airsoft Gun and the Cold Heat Soldering Iron that you see on informercials and I recommend it for doing little soldering jobs like electronics
  17. Do they use that transfer track system on Vekoma SLC. I'll pull up a picture here. right in that red circle you see 2 pieces of track welded on top of each other
  18. But the thing is though is that Xcellerators colors go great with its theme. The old 50's style. Oh sorry AZN I didnt quite read right through youre post there yeah I have to agree they look terrible when they age.
  19. One awful color scheme I believe is X. I find its just to bright and doesnt go with anything. Yellow and Pink BLEH!
  20. Man that park looks so nice at night ecspecially that willow. Good TR Dane.
  21. I have to second Zonga because its just so colorful with the bright blue track that really hasnt been touched and with all the loops different colors. Its just so eyecatching.
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