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  1. Oh sorry if you took it the wrong way but as I put my saying there I didn't mean one specific race, its every race.
  2. I cant stand Chrysler products and with my dad being in the automotive buisness like making parts for prototype cars and stuff and what he has told me is Chrysler has very well desinged cars but to much plastic and other crap incorprated into which makes them cheesey.
  3. It's probaly there secret plan to keep the brothas outta da park and back on da streets.
  4. It might be possible but I can't see it happening with the B&M trains. Ya they may look like the track but its the little measurements that count.
  5. I've been going to Darien Lake about 2-3 times a year since I was a wee one and its really starting to stink because for the past 5 years of going there hasn't been anything new and it really is not that bad of a park and I would easily go there instead of Canadas Wonderland (damn lines). But i'm really hoping somthing new happens there.
  6. Damn thats wrong. Salt. BLEH. Now pepper is the way to go or put on some ketchup.
  7. Guess What I relised. In the States its called Kraft Macaroni and Cheese but in Canada its called Kraft Dinner. THATS CRAZY
  8. Rectangles are super fun because im an idiot and go full speed at a wall with springs and when it bounces me back I hit people.
  9. I know im sorry for telling you that but if you think you have a good connection with breeder i'd say go for it.
  10. I heard something on the news that a family bought a dog from a breeder on the other side of the country and when the family got the dog at there house it was dead so the family sued the breeder and I would've too. Poor Dog and Family. And to add I got a 1 year old Shichon (Bichon+Shitzu) And hes small and ugly with his underbite. But I love him. It gives him character.
  11. OOOOOOOOOOOO Ok. I never really knew what people were talking about with the trough and stuff but now I understand what Ed posted up. I guess it would make sense with that long down time.
  12. Im watching this right now up in Canada it on the Discovery Channel and wow is it incredible. I recommend people to watch its intresting.
  13. I can help you Wes, You're damn right on that call!
  14. Damn Eh. Thats gonna be killer. Thats all I can say.
  15. Many things can cause coaster roughness like poor design with the transitions not layed out well too the trains wheel assemblys being plain awful with bad axels and what not. And im not sure with weather but I know weather effects the speed of the train.
  16. Ya but Tatsu has alot of terrain to work around so... But it is really looking pretty Nice word to describe it.
  17. The only thing with the christmas tree I mean is that it really adds to the theme and what not.
  18. Damn! this must be some vaccum if its made a 3 page thread. Im gonna have to check one out for myself.
  19. Alright^^^ Im so mad because its been on and of snow up here it just snows then melts and rains for 4 days straight but at least I got my 2 tobogganing days in so.
  20. What are you talking about with Tatsu. Its not even close to opening.
  21. KILLER TR. That place looks dope. It really looked like a magical world with breath taking rides and delicious foods. I wish I could've been there with you because it looked like you had a magical time. P.S I asked for that too.
  22. I know but it just gives the ride a feel to the theme or I dont even know how to put it and it wouldve been wonderful if Kingda Ka came out like the renderings did it would've been incredible.
  23. Alright, Alright That was a very good POV and man Kingda Ka looks flippin awesome just its so much higher and faster than TTD. I like that start because its so unexpected when you're going to get launched.
  24. Ewww after watching that POV it doesn't look like it is as good as TTD because it almost looks like a randomly placed coaster and there is like no theme around it and they should have something at the start other than just waiting there like how TTD has the christmas tree put something unique.
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