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  1. Man I vote for Expedition Estrogen because there is nothing like a rough ride down the womens hormone. Sorry for trying to advertise but I voted for viking86. It was just so random and it really made me think. Good work Viking. ( No thumbs up emoticon )
  2. I can see this year being the final year its going to be there because once Tatsu is done there going to still have the same amount of coasters if they tear it down. Thats just my thought.
  3. WOW that there is pure TLC. Im sweating now from looking at how sexy it really looks now.
  4. I'm not sure but the last time I was on Superman ROS my nuts got crushed by that stupid seatbelt.
  5. If I ever did a PTR of me walking home from school it would be for ever. I signed out of catchment so I goto a school that im not supposed to so I don't get school buses and its about an hour and a half walk so if I can't get the city bus home I have to walk. But boy sometimes that hour and a half walk is worth it in the long run because I would rather goto the school im at now then the ghetto school I was supposed to be in.
  6. We were today supposed to have a snow storm but the first part was supposed to be rain then a cold front was supposed to come and then it would snow but that didn't happen so basically its cold out but not cold enough for snow and the rain is almost coming down like slush. Basically its raining out my window which made it a pretty boring day.
  7. Awesome pictures man. I like the pic of the Giant Drop on the tower with coaster right beside it at the highest point. But fantastic pictures.
  8. Oh man, A great movie is Ferris Buellers Day Off. I'm addicted to that movie. And one movie that surprised me and is actually one of the best remakes I have seen in a while is The Longest Yard.
  9. I broke my leg in hockey. It was my prime year too. I was killer that year. I just got pushed a bit and my leg caught a rivet in the ice and my leg caught but my body kept going so I ended up having a spiral fracture just above the ankle. A spiral fracture is when you're leg twists so much it breaks. The break in the bone looks like a spiral going up it. And ya so I ended up having to have a cast from the tip of my toes to my crotch for 4 weeks then got a fiberglass cast up to my knee for 12 weeks but now im gold so ya theres my story.
  10. I ain't watching this; this time around because im sick of seeing the same old thing and it just not entertaining anymore. And yes it seems like they set stuff up and plan stuff so. The answer is no.
  11. Ya im also trying to figure out what Mind Eraser is saying but, meh its something new there in 7 years so I don't care if it is a beater or not.
  12. Great! Six more weeks of just crap boring weather. I hate this winter, we haven't had any snow and its just been cold and wet. Almost like a cold spring. Its sooooo-boring.
  13. At SFDL waiting in line for Mind Eraser (A SLC..i know, i know) And two girls were fighting over where the motor was in the train.
  14. Ya but I really can't see the B&M train conversion happening but hey you never know. People thought that this was a pit stop for the coasters long journey up north.
  15. I heard its a headbanger but still something new. This is great. I'm still gonna have to go on it but when it goes up its going to be awkward seeing something new there in a long time but at least it may take some long wait times from Superman but still im speechless.
  16. Killer, i've been hoping for something new at the lake since Superman. I don't care if people say its good or not im excited. YES!
  17. I think there should be a section called: Elissa's Favourites and all it is, is a canyon full of fun spinning rides.
  18. Heres my photoshopped version of my idea. I don't even know how I thought of it. First thing that came up in my screwed up mind. Avatar Version Big Version
  19. I usually get nose bleeds with the rapid change in weather and usually sinus headaches which are awful. But this year up here in Hamilton, Ontario we've gotten really no snow and with Hamilton being the warmest town in Canada this week im quite PO'ed because I love snow despite the crappy feeling I get with changes.
  20. I like the logo and thats all I can say. Oh and also the ferris wheel, Its pretty dope. But still the logo is sweet, a cowboy with a branding iron that has WWW on it. I like it.
  21. Is this here the coaster that at Halloween they but a car and a witch on the track? That first picture is sweet. I wish every coaster being demolished was taking down like this instead in a nice orderly fashion.
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