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  1. Mine was french fries from Wendys because my mom made horrific pizza subs but I still ate it. (theres starving kids in Africa you know)
  2. And one game I think im digging is Medal of Honor AA Spearhead or The Warriors or SOCOM 3 Navy Seals.
  3. I was just quickly checking to see if there is any thing new on the six flags website and when I went to pick a park there was a dark blue dot so I clicked it and it was American Adventures. I wanted to know when this park was introduced and did it have anything to do with SFOG?
  4. I have a feeling that they want to try and double the attendance at Over Texas but it's not going to happen then just screw themselves over and it will come up from behind them and kick them in the ass and make them think a little while longer before closing a park.
  5. MOH:AA Spearhead on multiplayer demo but hoping to get Battlefield 2 because its supposed to be incredible.
  6. Oh ya I remember that coaster back in the day. Its called a facial.
  7. I would have to say: Th Blue Collar boys Chris Rock Dave Chappelle Robin Williams Rodney Dangerfield and John Pinette
  8. Desperado would've been so much better tho if they had that phoney magician chained to the tracks.
  9. Unreal Tournament for the Dreamcast. Oh ya dreamcast is the stuff even tho I have PS2 and stuff my Dreamcast will always stay in my heart.
  10. Great you guys are nice and warm down there wearing your t-shirts when im up here freezing my ass off, drinking hot chocolate and a heating pad down my back. Hope you guys are having fun. My family is going to Vegas next year and your giving me some ideas on were to go. PEACE
  11. I got mine last month and i'm fine getting needles but wow the flu shot never really hurts but as soon as the nurse put in the needle I never ever remembered it hurting that much, but it didn't hurt as much as other needles I have had. Just suck it up. I got mine because it was free. Canadian Health Care
  12. Good Video Made me laugh. WOW she is a bitch.
  13. Haha Good Call^^^ Sixflags has a plan that they're hiding from us. I know it, I know it.
  14. When I was 10, In one of my hockey games I was skating down the ice when some kid sort of knocked me and I lost balance and as I was trying to catch my balance my skate caught on the ice and I ended up braking my leg amd it also was a spiral fracture. That was the worst 12 hours I have ever spent in a damn hospital without anything to eat or drink.
  15. Oh man. Is this game fun. I was just wondering if anyone else has played this game. I rented this game for PS2 and enjoyed it so I put it on my hardrive and now have been addicted. So has anyone else played it how have they liked it?
  16. Wow! Good video! Nothing better than: -Updates on the coaster -Being Up In a tree -And many more Very good use for my 15 mins here.
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