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  1. O this is nice to hear. I'm a portable air condtioner that can run the cross country event in 16 mins. Heck Yes!
  2. I would have to say they may buy SF Darien Lake because it seems that most of they're parks they have are on the north east side of the states
  3. 1)Steel Venom, Geauga Lake 8 ) Hydra, Dorney Park 13)Shockwave, Drayton Manor 5)New Mexico Rattler, Cliffs 6)G-Force, Drayton Manor 3)Deja Vu, SFGA 10)Scream!, SFMM 2)Avalanche, Timber Falls
  4. Dude, you can't use me as an excuse because you want to watch online porn Told!
  5. I won't eat: Pickles Cooked Vegtables I will eat: Anything that is unhealthy...I like to keep my figure
  6. wow. Thats all I can say. wow. I thought my brother was picky and yes you are weird.
  7. Hey PCW Freak there is a thread already about this im pretty sure out there soo. Yup
  8. I have to say the Tony Hawks and DDR's and I second Crazy Taxi because that sound track was great. Bad Religion and Offspring were perfect matches for that game and the 5 songs repeating over and over again made them so catchy.
  9. Isn't it incredible thats what we all look like inside. They're computerized clones meeting in Florida planning to TAKE OVER THE WORLD! But turned into a nasty war between the three and nothing productive ever happend!
  10. Its good that a new coaster show has come out FINALLY because im getting sick of seeing the old 1998 shows thats say SFMM holds the record for most coasters with 13 or something like that but ya sorry for my freaking out. So I was wondering what was the exact name of the show? I know its at the top but I wasnt sure what he meant by "made up title there". Thanks XtrustyX
  11. I've been looking at Portable Media Players myself and i think you'd be better off buying and Iriver because Ipod Video is going to cost a fortune and it gonna be no different than the Iriver and if you wait I could see one with more memory possibly coming out. An yes I see that how it looks like it will SD card so maybe search over the net and see if it does.
  12. I was just about to say ya it does. I saw this video a while with other people and we determined it did.
  13. Ya that was site. I visit that site sometimes to see some of the most recent funny videos so. But that will make people happy now that its hosted on a PG-13 site
  14. Bingo right there and I like the way he looks around when that one guys like 12 seconds.
  15. I love the reaction the guy has after he sees the stub to his right. I have to agree with Gnome it made me smile too.
  16. Im Canadian and if you like hockey come here and you'll see how hockey is in everyones blood. And do you like Rugby???
  17. ^^^^ HAHAH good call Were gonna be using scroll saws and then anything to hard to cut out we'll be doing by hand. I was going to do the X logo or the the writing for Hydra because they're both pretty basic.
  18. Hey Everyone. At school in woodshop were making gravity shelves and were to cut out a symbol or logo in them. And after thinking for a while of what logo im going to do, I was going to do a rollercoaster logo on it and would like some help from everyone to request a cool logo for me to put on it. Any request would help so thanks.
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