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  1. Bailey looks like an awesome dog. I like that idea and it looks like everyone has a blast there. Great Photo TR and an intresting one to. Thanks for the read
  2. Random picture of me in a Random Position out front of Raptor and Blue Streak at CP.
  3. We always talk about Sega at my work and do you ever remember the game that had like every Sega game on it. I remember it being the stuff than I also had Sega CD attachment.
  4. Hey at least Hamilton doesnt have a bum every corner and shootings every week. Thats a good TR and I guess most Canadians think the same about Montreal. Boy do I hate it there.
  5. When I get stapled I let out one of the biggest farts you would ever hear especially if its on Arrows with the fiberglass seats. Its ear piercing.
  6. ^^^And thats what everyone thought about TTD. There will never be limits so that crazy idea that you just came up with might evantually become made. Just Watch.
  7. That one in Italy looks so sweet and so does that one. In one of the Waterpark threads somebody posted a video of the one in Italy and it shows these guys get OMG Airtime. I'll try to find the link. -edit- Ifound it here www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=23871&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=waterslides&start=30 and go down to the video called Twin Peaks. Nice! (in Borat voice)
  8. I think thats a lesson to those parents that will have there kids stand on their feet to try and get on a ride. Thats was a nasty video. That kid looked like 3.
  9. Janice, Janice This hurts. That would be an awful feeling but that kid did look like he got some OMFG Airtime or else hangtime. And the Mom or whatever she is sounds like shes so evil with laugh like a witch
  10. Mcjaco you should request that to them. Thats a perfect name and only coaster enthusiasts would actually understand it while the others would think of the song.
  11. Thats awesome with that seagull on that support because I remember that seagull on that support back on August 26th. I feel like hitting you for posting pictures of the Point because on the 26th it was so fun and the next day I had to goto work just thinking about being there and how im going to have to wait till next year to go again.
  12. Heres My Coasters and I dont want any freaking. Its my opinion. #1 - Superman ROS - SFDL #2 - Raptor - CP #3 - Millenium Force - CP #4 - Steel Dragon - Waldameer Park I only have a top 4 favourite.
  13. If I were to buy a ride it would be one of those Fun Houses with the slides and all the other things in them like at Carnivals and I have yet to feel this back breaking pain people feel on the Intamin 1st Generation Freefall. When do you get it?
  14. Bonjour, Je'mapelle Tyler. Comment aples tu? Thats the only thing I really know in french and I cant believe I passed my french compulsary with a 55%. It sucks seeing all these pictures of La Ronde and being on a boat in the river beside the park with school back in Grade 8 made me quite mad than going with my parents to Montreal and not even coming cloes to it made me mad. Those are credits that I think I won't get because my family isn't quite fond of French Canadians and so arent many other people. (Sorry if I offended any French Canadians)
  15. Thats a nice clean video Erik. Thanks for posting it. I dont know much about the Busch Gardens parks but I like how the announcing over the speakers gives all the warnings and stuff.
  16. "Simply, Having A wonderful Christmas Time" I dont have any names to come up with for you Leaf Fan but I just had to quote Beate Freak.
  17. I dig the Turbo Drops because at the top while waiting your just waiting for it to drop than BAM! your rectem is off the seat and your shoulders smack into the restraints and it feels like your going straight into the ground than you pop back up the tower. I dont know why I like them better but to me a Turbo Drop was a surprise when I went on it and I thought they were more of a thrill than the Space Shots.
  18. Sure ain't going to be me.^^ Im happy that nothing really is going to happen to S&S because I just previously got back from Cedar Point on Wednesday and I rode Skyhawk which was fun and Power Tower which I think is a blast. Its nice to see a company switch things up with their use of Compressed Air and the thought that goes behind their rides or should I say Stan Checketts.
  19. When those two girls go flying around the corner it sounds like a Rice Rocket or a 2 Stroke dirt bike flying around the corner when they show the slo-mo. And who was wrong on this part, The mom and the kid or the 2 little girls?
  20. I hate any spray deodrant because that crap makes your pits burn and you smell like garbage. Im old fashioned and use either Speed Stick or Old Spice.
  21. The sign says that it is at Six Flags Over Texas Ive always really wanted to go to this park. It looks very nice and some solid selection of rides. Congrats on your 100,
  22. Wow I like your joke with Deja Vu running 3 trains. I literally took a leak in my pants I was laughing so hard. Im starting to get eager to visit this park and Dollywood. Good Work and keep up with the funny captions.
  23. It seems like now all some parks need is a waterpark and their attendance boosts right up.
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