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  1. Looks like an awesome day. You're lucky to get to go to such a great park so often! Look at me I'm stuck with Burger Kings Island.
  2. Yeah I know. Its just a personal blog/site though - and a place for my photo gallery. Some of my friends tell me it doesn't work in their Internet Explorer - and I tell them to download Firefox.
  3. The PC version of iTunes can convert WMV and WMA into iPod formats I believe - but the Mac version cannot. Still there is software out there you can purchase that will do it. I have the Flip for Mac codec - and it works wonderfully for playing WMV videos. Unfortunately streaming WMV does NOT work on my computer at all. I think it is an issue with Camino. I just close out of tabs when there's streaming video in it. I'm the type that is happy with my computer - and aside from Flip for Mac - refuse to go out of my way to make myself compatible with the PC world. If you look at my websit
  4. Wow! Thanks for the TR! Its great to see the best park out there back in the day. It as many trees as it has now - it had even more back then! Kind of weird to see Magnum under construction!
  5. My favorites are Magnum XL 200 - because you look out at the water, and its just a really cool view - and Son of Beast - because you get to see all of Kings Island - and pretty much look straight out and realize the top of the Eiffel Tower isn't that much higher than you.
  6. I was on that Supercoasters show on National Geographic that aired this year.
  7. I didn't get the email either - but I have the Mac version - which won't be out till Christmas.
  8. Japanese Massage Chair Pranks Japanese Toilet Pranks
  9. I said most of the ones I have been on. Not just B&Ms - CCIs, Gravity Group, Arrow...
  10. Most of the coasters I have been on do it. Many coasters do the full 180 - where some coasters just do 90 or something.
  11. You got El Toro'd. That ride looks amazing. I hear it is even better than Voyage - from people who have been on both.
  12. Thanks anyway but I already have a set of Six Flags Spinners. Ridin Spinnaz - they dont stop...
  13. Yeah that's right. The brake run pieces are very distinct. I have seen some. All in all - probably only 5% of the Patriot was actually kept outside. What I got the label off of - that confirmed the Patriot rumor - was a piece of transfer track supports.
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