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  1. Looks like an awesome day. You're lucky to get to go to such a great park so often! Look at me I'm stuck with Burger Kings Island.
  2. Yeah I know. Its just a personal blog/site though - and a place for my photo gallery. Some of my friends tell me it doesn't work in their Internet Explorer - and I tell them to download Firefox.
  3. The PC version of iTunes can convert WMV and WMA into iPod formats I believe - but the Mac version cannot. Still there is software out there you can purchase that will do it. I have the Flip for Mac codec - and it works wonderfully for playing WMV videos. Unfortunately streaming WMV does NOT work on my computer at all. I think it is an issue with Camino. I just close out of tabs when there's streaming video in it. I'm the type that is happy with my computer - and aside from Flip for Mac - refuse to go out of my way to make myself compatible with the PC world. If you look at my website with Internet Explorer - it won't display right. I know about this error - and I care not. I coded it with valid code, designed to display correctly in Mozilla/Netscape/Firefox/Camino. You could also buy the DVDs, to support the site and so you have some cool coaster DVDs to watch - and if you need to - rip the video into iPod format. I do know you can do this with freeware. I need to buy some DVDs - at least the one of the latest UK trip. And there is Quicktime streaming too - but it does make sense to use the WMV streaming. It will save a ton of money.
  4. Wow! Thanks for the TR! Its great to see the best park out there back in the day. It as many trees as it has now - it had even more back then! Kind of weird to see Magnum under construction!
  5. My favorites are Magnum XL 200 - because you look out at the water, and its just a really cool view - and Son of Beast - because you get to see all of Kings Island - and pretty much look straight out and realize the top of the Eiffel Tower isn't that much higher than you.
  6. I was on that Supercoasters show on National Geographic that aired this year.
  7. I didn't get the email either - but I have the Mac version - which won't be out till Christmas.
  8. Japanese Massage Chair Pranks Japanese Toilet Pranks
  9. I said most of the ones I have been on. Not just B&Ms - CCIs, Gravity Group, Arrow...
  10. Most of the coasters I have been on do it. Many coasters do the full 180 - where some coasters just do 90 or something.
  11. You got El Toro'd. That ride looks amazing. I hear it is even better than Voyage - from people who have been on both.
  12. Thanks anyway but I already have a set of Six Flags Spinners. Ridin Spinnaz - they dont stop...
  13. Yeah that's right. The brake run pieces are very distinct. I have seen some. All in all - probably only 5% of the Patriot was actually kept outside. What I got the label off of - that confirmed the Patriot rumor - was a piece of transfer track supports.
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