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  1. Any place I can get a POV of it because it seems rare?
  2. Tell me if I am crazy. Is there a log flume that drops out of a pyramid? I am guessing it is not in the US. If there is, what is it called? Thanks
  3. I have a few questions about Heide Park's Log Flumes. 1. Which is bigger? 1 or 2 2. Which is longer? ( I think one of them is 7 min. 3. Which has the bigger drop? 4. And if possible, a POV of the entire Wildwasserbahn 2? Thanks a million
  4. I am going to knotts and soak city but I don't have a lot of time. I can only do 1 water park. I want a high speed slide. The two things I need to know are. - What is taller? a. La Jolla falls at the Sand Diago park, or Tidal wave tower in Palm springs or old Man Falls In Orange Country. - Which is steeper? I need to know this for my trip I am going in 1 week.
  5. One other thing. Are There any non firework shows that appear in front of the castle during the day that have a few blasts of fireworks in the finale, besides Dream Along with Mickey. It could be WDW DL DLP or TDL or any other Disney park?
  6. Are there Disney shows in the parks where a lot confetti shoots out everywhere in the finale. Daily shows, Anniversary any special event?
  7. Is there a way to get World Skyscrapers for RCT3. I have always been looking for CN Tower, Taipei and mostly Burj Al Arab. Is there a place to find these? Or will it be on RCT4?
  8. How do you get more fireworks in RCT3 besides the ones it comes with. And how do you get special effects. I need a lot better fireworks.
  9. Is PKD's Haunted River still standing?
  10. How tall is the Splash Mountain in Disneyland CA, Tokyo Disneyland and Walt Disney World? And if so, does anyone have a start to finish POV of Tokyo Disneyland's Splash Mountain? I have been searching for ages.
  11. I am sorry for all my questions. This is my last. How tall and how fast is Trace Du Hourra at Parc Asterix? Is it the biggest bobsled coaster in the world? It does not say it on RCDB.
  12. How big is the big drop on Parque Warner Madrid's Rio Bravo. Is it a big lift for it. And finally what does Rio Bravo mean?
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