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  1. Is there any way to get a video to be projected or played on a screen in RCT3? I think i saw a video on youtube of someone doing it but if any1 knows how to let me know. Thanks
  2. Hey does anybody know where i can get Musical Instruments for RCT3? Like Drums, Guitars, Mic stands, Keyboards, etc..... Let me know if you know where i can get them. Thanks
  3. In RCT3, how do u make lasers appear on a wall. also, how do u make lasers point down? Thanx, David
  4. If you have soaked, just place a big random pool with no entrance. For some reason when you post a big pool, it attracts a lot of people. Then after all of the people are in the park, just delete the pool. If you post a really big pool then you can get about 2000 people in your park.
  5. Hey everyone its David. Im just 14 and i think this is the best Roller Coaster i have ever made on RCT3. It took about 3 days but i did it. Hope you like it and please feel free to leave me any positive or negative comments. Thanks. Kingda Ka on Opening Day I know the queue isn't exact but it still looks good Vertical twist Camel Hump Kingda Ka launch pad Overview of station
  6. It only took me like 4 days. I have a Rolling Stones one too.
  7. Hey everyone its David. Im 14 and love rock concerts and thought that it would be cool making a rock concert on RCT3. I made two. The Rolling Stones, and Genesis. Here are some pics of my Genesis one. I will be putting a video on Youtube of the concert sometime next week. I hope you like it and enjoy. This is what my MixMaster looks like for all of the rainbow lasers Firework end Rainbow lasers General outlook of the Genesis stage at night I put images set in the (custom billboards section) A general outlook of the Genesis stage in the daytime
  8. Is there any way to delete the fireworks that u hav placed in the Mix Master? When i place fireworks that i dont want, there is no way to delete them
  9. Do you know when you buy an expansion pack, it comes with new rides and coaster types, is there a way to download those w/o buying the expansion pack
  10. Hey there. Is there any way that i can download the coaster and ride types?? Thanks, David
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