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  1. ^ Poutine is French Fries with cheese and hot gravy. I hate seeing TR's of this park. We went by it about 15 times back on my School trip to Montreal. Looks like you had a good time and I enjoy reading your TR's. Keep up the good work
  2. I was wondering. If in a situation like that, I'm assuming the restraints were manually pulled up, if you were to pull back down on the restraints would they lock? And that was pretty wild.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if its reliability is good because it really has nothing to it and with no magnetic brakes or anything really mechanical in that tube its should be up quite a bit.
  4. Another big difference between Spain and America is you actually were able to take pictures of those girls without being kicked out of the park and not allowed back for a year.
  5. ^ that is probably one of the most classy pictures I have seen.
  6. The coaster I'm most looking forward to is Maximum RPM. I want to see if they can pull off that really interesting ferris wheel lift. But I think its going to be one of those added extra features that creates a lot of downtime for the ride.
  7. The best = Mighty Ducks D2 The worst = Slap Shot 2 Yeah I dig hockey movies. I don't even care how bad they are.
  8. 1. Panama - Van Halen 2. Kick Start My Heart - Motley Crue 3. Jailbreak - AC/DC 4. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zepplin 5. Wish you were here - Pink Floyd
  9. Yeah this here works for anything on the other side of the ocean. I tried London, England and Stockholm, Sweden and the same thing came up on 23. But that is pretty awesome.
  10. Does anyone know if Batman from Astroworld is still across the street? I'm not sure what to expect out of this but hopefully it will be for the good.
  11. This here is probably my most favorite picture I have ever taken. We went to New York City over March break and I took this one from the Top of the Rock. It shows how many damn buildings are actually in New York. Wow!
  12. ^I like that! Very easy to read and follow. And fits my screen perfectly.
  13. I thought it was pretty good. But I think it couldve been better but I enjoyed it. But, If you want to see the best Mockumentry, Watch the movie FUBAR. It unreal.
  14. If I get a new gun this year (saving up to buy a car) it will probably be an invert mini. I have heard good about them and they are just good looking.
  15. Im in love with all the Mighty Ducks movies.
  16. Yesterday now that I got NHL Centre Ice Package I have been starting to watch some hockey and I watched an awesome game. It was N.Y.Rangers against Pittsburgh and hot damn was it good. I would never of thought Laroque (old Hamilton Bulldog ) would make such a difference but his fore checking is pretty good. He caused a good couple of turnovers. And Roberts was crashing the net like a champ. I think Pittsburgh is going to do alot better in the playoffs than I thought. Im thinking they will make it to 2nd round.
  17. ^^^OH BUDDY Nanimo Bars are so tasty and I was going to say I usually can get Cadbury Flakes at my corner stores around here. But One chocolate bar I like is the Strawberries and Creme ones. Im not sure if anyone else has had one but they are tasty.
  18. Been There, Done That Earlier this winter we had a wicked ice storm that we got school of. It was pretty cool because a bunch of kids went skating up and down the middle of the street. And In Southern Ontario we just got killed with snow so we have a good 3 feet of snow in my backyard.
  19. One thing that impressed me about that video was his puck skills when he had those water bottles and just random pucks lying around and he never touched one of them. Also when he had the three pucks down, everything was so smooth. I wish I could toe drag that beautifully.
  20. ^Good Point. Both with extremely skinny layouts and PGA with the lack of thrills.
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