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  1. Yeah, the line's moving much faster these days... I got on at around 3 pm last March in about 10-15 minutes!
  2. Weird Al Yankovic last Friday... 2.5 hours of greatness. No breaks, but even at 2.5 hours long it was incredibly entertaining and hilarious the whole way through -- I wouldn't have minded a 3 or 4 hour show at that rate!
  3. Basically what's he's saying is that it's perfectly normal and you don't need to worry about it. Although it only happens to me on Batman clones, I never have any problems with it.
  4. I was walking around a storage room at my church, and I saw this box for an illuminated donkey Christmas decoration. Well, as this IS TPR, I just had to have it as my avatar.
  5. Not happened yet. Well, at least I'm patient.
  6. Six Flags Great Adventure on August 12, then Cedar Point on August 23 and 24.
  7. ^I prefer the front row, one of the inside seats. It's the smoothest, you get the best view of the first drop, and the second raven turn is more comfortable.
  8. Wow, that looks like a lot of (creepy) fun... And unless you edited those last few photos, that "ghost" or whatever it is looks really freaky. I'll have to check that place out sometime!
  9. Nice job... Really smooth and realistic. It could be a little more exciting, but otherwise, keep up the good work.
  10. Nothing outside of my local parks, but in August I'll be riding Maverick. As far as local parks go, I've ridden both Tatsu and Sierra Sidewinder in their opening seasons.
  11. Great report! But I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad day at Knott's... Every time I've gone, the employees have been friendly and fun, and operations are usually pretty good (aside from Xcelerator; the line always moves slowly). I've seen stacking on Silver Bullet, but only a few times... Usually, the operations are good enough that stacking never happens.
  12. Hey, title fairy... incur your wrath upon me.
  13. 1. X - Although the ride's rough, the seats are just incredibly comfortable, especially when reclined... Lots of lower body freedom too. 2. Tatsu/B&M Flyers - Really secure, comfortable, and padded... Comfortable for me, even when in flying position. 3. Xcelerator/Intamin T-Bars - Lots of freedom and comfort, even with so little leg room... The restraints also feel very safe yet bare. [/img]
  14. I've only been on one LIM launcher, so I'd have to say Speed: The Ride in Las Vegas... The most powerful launch I've been on: Xcelerator at KBF... It never gets old for me with that intensity!
  15. vjgx

    X in Your Opinion

    ^They're pretty comfortable... They adjust to your shoulder height and body width (front-to-back), so there's really no way to be poorly strapped in unless you purposely do it wrong. There's padding on them, but not very much soft stuff... After 4 rides in a row at West Coast Bash, my shoulders were a bit sore. Overall, the seats are very comfortable and are probably my favorite seats/restraints on any coaster. X is definitely rough, but not unbearable. Viper is much more rough the majority of the time, and if you can handle most Arrow coasters you should have no problem with X. For the smoothest ride, ride in one of the first few rows on an inside seat... The outside seats are drastically more rough. Personally, I've also had better experiences with the left side of the train (the side that boards on the side facing the outside of the park). The right side doesn't vibrate quite as much, but it has more sudden jerks that can really hurt than the left side does on average. Still, X is my #1 coaster and aside from its roughness is just incredible to me.
  16. The Flying Dutchman by vjgx ----------------------------- Based on the legendary pirate ship, The Flying Dutchman is a huge fantasy wooden roller coaster that sails the high seas. Set completely in water, the coaster features many sudden twists and turns as well as a layout that focuses on intertwining with itself, creating many headchopper opportunities. Enjoy your ride... If you dare! Height: 162 ft Speed: 63 mph Length: 5058.8 ft Note: Uses Improved Friction (NL 1.6)... And yes, I am aware of the few yellow-g spikes. It's obviously not supposed to be realistic! The Flying Dutchman.nltrack [NL] The Flying Dutchman [Download] The Flying Dutchman
  17. Most of my friends don't mind me talking about roller coasters every so often. None of them are coaster "enthusiasts" like me, but they seem to have no real opinion one way or another about my hobby. They acknowledge that I'm the "coaster person" at school, but they don't see it as a negative thing. Overall, I'm looked at neutrally in terms of liking coasters so much.
  18. Haha, well that's their problem for not knowing that Fear Fall is a S&S Tower, not an Intamin.
  19. 1. Gravity - Audiovent 2. Beautiful Addiction/The Energy - Audiovent (tie) 3. Where Eagles Have Been - Wolfmother 4. Free - Powerman 5000 5. Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance
  20. Silver Bullet at KBF, back row about 20 minutes after closing (after getting kicked out of broken-Xcelerator's line).
  21. If the line moves quickly, has good shade and a nice view of the ride or park, and I have friends, I really don't mind at all. Sometimes I actually enjoy it...
  22. I've only experienced this on Canyon Blaster in Las Vegas (an old Arrow coaster), and there was only one train, so it wasn't a block issue. The lift hill just kept on going fast-slow-fast-slow, changing every half a second or so... It was kind of weird.
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