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  1. May 13th, 2006: The day I decided to face my fears. Up until this day, I was terrified of any ride that had a drop steeper than 20 degrees or went upside-down... But I decided to start with Viper at SFMM. Baaaaad idea... Rough, intense, and pretty much scarred me for the day. Then, my friend bugged me just enough to get me on The Riddler's Revenge. I was terrified, but about 30 seconds into the ride, I realized how totally awesome roller coasters are... Ever since, I've been a coaster nut!
  2. vjgx's::Tumbler:: ------------------------ Tumbler is a small coaster designed to be enjoyed by the whole family. With a maximum speed of 46 mph and height of about 80 ft, this ride is less intimidating than most other modern coasters, yet still packs a punch for thrillseekers. Enjoy your ride on Tumbler! Note: Requires Improved Friction The Tumbler.nltrack Tumbler [Download] Tumbler for NL 1.6
  3. ^I'll be sure to keep that in mind this summer. Thanks for the live-saving advice, Wes!!
  4. ^Yeah, maybe in a few years its zombified remains will come to life at some random Home Depot or somewhere... But let's not worry about that until we need to. Anyway, everything but X should be open... X's lift hill broke YET again a few days ago, so it should be down for at least another week or two... If we're lucky, maybe a few days... but I doubt it. Otherwise, have fun!
  5. 11 in a row on Speed: The Ride in Las Vegas... I had the all-day wristband and my dad was busy gambling, so with no line I just kept riding until he was done.
  6. -To get to Cedar Point and ride every credit there (including Maverick) -To ride Sierra Sidewinder -To go to USH and finally ride ROTM That's about it...
  7. Ease of building: RCT Realism: NL Customizability: NL Variety: RCT NoLimits is much more difficult to work with, but due to the realism and overall experience of building/riding a good coaster in NoLimits beats out RCT for me. RCT would be much better if it had more realism... I mean seriously, it's not like every coaster ever made has up to two different drop/rise angles and tiny pullouts/ups!
  8. ^ Well, making the ride easier would ruin part of the effect of the ride... Half of the point is not knowing what to expect (which is why I recommend the night or fog environments). Sorry!
  9. Takeoff: A bit of acceleration force, lots of speed, then suddenly smoothness as the plane leaves the ground... You're tilted upwards for a few minutes, and then you level out: After that: You sit in your seat, with a loud noise I can't describe, while you don't feel like you're moving much. You stay that way for a while, unless you hit turbulence, during which the plane shakes a bit. Landing: Tilted slightly downwards, bits of weightlessness every so often, followed by a small (or hard, depending on the size of the plane) bump as you touch down... Braking pushes you forward a bit, and then you roll into the parking zone and get off. Recommendations: Take something to keep you occupied, like a music player or book... Also, bring gum or something to chew/suck on so that your ears don't crackle from the change in air pressure.
  10. 1. X - SFMM (Just plain insane... Fun, intense, and worth the wait. Yeah, it's rough, but get an inside seat and it's awesome!) 2. The Riddler's Revenge - SFMM (The first full-sized roller coaster I ever truly enjoyed... Fun, great pacing and length, and not too intense on your legs!) 3. Xcelerator - KBF (I love launched coasters, but this one totally blows every other one I've been on outta the water... The launch is worth the price of admission to Knott's alone!) 4. Deja Vu - SFMM (Most intense first drop I've ever been on...) 5. Batman The Ride - SFMM (It may be short, but it's also incredibly intense and confusing... Lots of fun!) 6. Tatsu - SFMM (Not as good as I thought it was the first time around, but still a solid ride with one of my favorite elements - the pretzel loop.) 7. GhostRider - KBF (Although it's insanely rough, get it on a good day and it's a tolerable and wild, fun ride with some great floater airtime...) 8. Goliath - SFMM (Great first drop and intense forces... Lots of fun) 9. Silver Bullet - KBF (Not really intense by any means, but still fun and a good warm-up ride for KBF) 10. Space Mountain - DLR (Not intense by any means, but incredibly fun due to the special effects and music)
  11. Recently viewed: Blades of Glory - Some good jokes, with a nice pacing and length for the type of movie. Nothing too special, but definitely enjoyable. 7.5/10 Grindhouse - Movie of the year, for sure... Hilarious, fun, intense, and just plain crazy... Planet Terror was the better of the two movies, but both are good. The fake movie trailers make it even better! 10/10 300 - Finally saw it today... Pretty overrated if you ask me, but still pretty good. Nice action, but some parts seemed a little slow or unnecessary. 8/10
  12. Well, that's because it's temporarily the "Rockin'" version. They took out the space effects and added Red Hot Chili Peppers music as a promotion... Normally, it has music and very nice special effects... and it is in space.
  13. Not too bad. It's fun, but also short... and there are a few jerky spots. Otherwise, nice job. Oh, and don't vote on your own polls if you looking for an accurate rating based on what others think.
  14. This is the closest thing to a testing video that I could find.
  15. Around the World - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  16. VELOCITORIUM::vjgx ------------------ Velocitorium is a Premier Rides LIM-launched shuttle coaster. Featuring two launches, speeds of up to 100 mph, and a 362 ft near-vertical spike, Velocitorium is a shuttle coaster on a very large scale. Enjoy your ride on Velocitorium! Notes: - Requires 1.6/Improved Friction - Starry Night or Heavy Fog environment recommended (Starry Night is default) Velocitorium.nltrack [NL] Velocitorium Velocitorium by vjgx
  17. For X, they play the following songs: Blood Rave (which is a remix of Confusion by New Order) by The Crystal Method Vapor Trail by The Crystal Method She's My Pusher by The Crystal Method For Scream, they randomly play songs from Darude's album "Before the Storm". Most commonly, I've heard Sandstorm, Feel the Beat, Burning, and The Flow.
  18. I think KidTums may have the world record for "Two Best Credits Within 6 Months of Birth"... Seriously, two Intamins?! That's just spoiled!
  19. 300 ft straight track. No hills. 0-5 mph launch in 10 seconds, followed by reverse run. Restraints: Butterfly vest and ankle harnesses in an enclosed bubble.
  20. I saw this on the news during breakfast this morning... They kept saying that people passed out. Probably, this was confused with blacking or greying out... but it seemed really ridiculous because it happens to most people who ride Goliath, and all but one have survived it.
  21. ^Thanks! This is one the first rides I've done 100% custom supports on, so I'm glad to hear I'm off to a good start.
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