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  1. Yeah, that was a great trip... Although the Mongolian food wasn't so great.
  2. Chain: Pizza Hut/Papa John's (tie) Single Restaurant: John's Pizzeria in New York City, NY
  3. vjgx

    X in Your Opinion

    From what I've heard, it's always been rough... But it may have been smoother in the first year or two of operation.
  4. Silver Bullet at KBF - In my opinion, a coaster doesn't need to be forceful to be fun... I like Silver Bullet because it's a good break when you're worn out from the more intense rides, and it's just really floaty and fun to me. Psyclone at SFMM - While it's gone now, the four back-seat rides I got on it were actually a lot of fun. Sure, it was rough, but to me it was definitely tolerable and less painful than GhostRider usually is. The whole it's-gonna-fall-apart feeling of the ride made it unique for me. Vekoma rides in general - Yeah, they're rough... but not intolerable for me, and usually a lot of fun. Deja Vu is easily my favorite shuttle coaster, and I even like the standard Boomerangs! I feel that they get bashed a bit too much around here.
  5. The front seat is the first seat that moves out of the station. Because the train moves "backwards" out of the station, it'll look like the back seat at first sight. To make it simple, when you walk into the load station (either side), go as far down the rows as you can, because the entrance to the station is situated at the back row.
  6. Here's my entry... http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=35659
  7. Note: Uses Improved Friction (NL 1.6) :: vjgx's IceRunner :: ------------------------- Height: 84 ft Speed: 46 mph Length: 2502 ft IceRunner is a wooden coaster set in a snowy winter setting. Light Fog environment is recommended. Trackwork is 100% hand-done except for pre-fabbed lift hill and the in-editor track smoother in certain areas. Enjoy! IceRunner.nltrack [Download] IceRunner by vjgx IceRunner
  8. That's a shame... The heartline roll was actually my most anticipated part of the ride!
  9. Like I said, I really don't think it's a matter of the heartline roll's length. They're only replacing three pieces, so it's very unlikely that it'll be lengthened. The problem is that it's not perfectly heartlined, especially vertically... Watch a video of Colossus at TP and compare the perfect heartline rolls to Maverick's current one, and you'll see how poorly done the original trackwork for Maverick is in that section. Maverick's track is barely heartlined vertically, so it probably causes a sudden uncomfortable g-spike. I'd bet money that the new track pieces are primarily to heighten the middle of the roll so that the heartline works perfectly from now on.
  10. Plus, it doesn't even look vertically heartlined. In terms of the track shaping from side to side it works, but the top of the train gets flung down towards the ground instead of having the track pull up to compensate for that! This is how it should've been done if they wanted a true heartline:
  11. ^Well, I was mostly pointing out the train bell sounds...
  12. ^ Together with those photos, this video might reveal what goes on in that tunnel... http://youtube.com/watch?v=413TYvLO9KY
  13. A Snickers bar from the school vending machine, 90 cents.
  14. Spider-Man 3 A good movie, but not spectacular. Nowhere near as good as the first two... It focuses way too much on the love story and not enough on action and crime-fighting. Also, it's even cheesier than the first two movies. Still worth seeing, though. 7/10
  15. The feeling of scratching my fingernails against a chalkboard is much worse than the sound... for me at least.
  16. Happy Birthday! But you've already heard this about 5 times from me today, seeing as I'm your brother...
  17. Wow, Furious Baco looks great! Although it doesn't have any big drops or stuff like that, it looks like a nice speed-based ride with cool trains... Speaking of which, the trains really make me want Intamin to build a cross between a 4D and an accelerator... That would be great! P.S.: And no, not a small one like Kirnu... I mean full-on trains and GOOD size (like X)!
  18. Well, I've decided that I'm going to try building a major, themed, unique floorless coaster by the name of Cerberus. This will be my first fully-themed NL coaster. It is currently in its very early stages of trackwork. The following is what I have done so far (pre-smoothing): Height: 160 ft Speed: 65 Current Length: 1387 ft Elements: Twisting drop, two stengel dives in an s-shape Logo: Screenshots: Any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas for the ride or its theming are greatly appreciated!
  19. The White Stripes... I can't wait for Icky Thump!
  20. Wow, the X crew just keeps getting better and better... And yet, Tatsu's crew has turned into X's past crew. At least they've got the good crew on the better ride!
  21. Probably the time I rode Psyclone in the back seat 4 times in a row... There was no line, so my friends and I just sat there and enjoyed the pain. On every ride, we were screaming, yelling out random things like "OH GOD" and "NOO" and "BOOM HEADSHOT" from the ridiculous roughness, and even elbowing each other in the face from the jerks in the ride... While it was painful, it was just so much fun. It was the definition of "goofing off" when it comes to roller coasters... Some runner-ups: - The time I rode Superman The Escape with one fist in the air while yelling out the Superman theme song - My first ride on X - When I rode Goliath in the back seat 4 times in a row, in high winds and 35 degree weather at night - When I rode Speed The Ride 11 times in a row
  22. Psyclone - Six Flags Magic Mountain That's about it... And to tell the truth, I actually enjoyed the ride.
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