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  1. Glad to see you like it... But I don't think it would actually kill people. Serious injury for anyone not in great shape? Maybe... but maybe I'm just crazy for thinking that it's really not that out of control (especially not compared to my old wooden monstrosity, The Flying Dutchman (it's on here somewhere)). Either way, I think I've succeeded... my goal was to create something over-the-top, and here it is!
  2. Sorry for taking so long -- I've been busy. But at last, the coaster is finished. There are a few bumps and pumps here and there, and a few other problems that I couldn't really work out, but the ride is not intended to be totally realistic either. Best ridden in the Sunset environment, with Improved Friction (NL 1.6) Enjoy! Askepios -- by vjgx.nltrack Askepios [Download] Askepios
  3. ^Some of it is a bit questionable, but I'm working on it. It doesn't pass tunnel testing in a few spots, but as far as realistic human arm-length goes, all of the clearances are safe enough.
  4. The Mars Volta is neither electronica or screamo... They're a blend of lots of genres, and their singer is high-pitched but he doesn't scream. If you've only heard a few songs, its not a good way to judge them; their stuff is so wide-ranged that you're bound to like something! But overall, if I had to say, I'd call The Mars Volta a blend of Punk, Jazz, and Latin... and although Muse is good and I don't listen to Circa Survive, you can't compare them. ...Anyway, glad to see you like the ride.
  5. So here's a new update. The ride is close to completion, as I am keeping the scenery simple. I do not plan to add any 3DS objects, so the final product should be somewhat similar to this, but with supports. Changes: - Reshaped turn near end of ride into a Stengel-Dive-like element - Smoothed certain track portions - Added terrain and desert theme - Reshaped end of ride from a simple turn into an s-curve/helix; also lowered final drop multiple feet in order to fit new terrain - Reshaped both left-curving drops from/near lift hill Logo Stengel-dive-like element
  6. ^Yes, I did. Expect an update within the next day or two... I've changed a few things since the first post.
  7. For my first new coaster in quite a while, I have decided to build a semi-compact wooden twister. I have the basic track layout finished, but will likely make a few changes and alterations before the final version is complete. I plan to add theming of some type, but I'm currently undecided as to what the theme will be. Any comments, questions, or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Overview from ground What I like to call the figure-eight helix. Overhead Overview
  8. Nice, fun ride. Pretty smooth most of the way through, too. I think the scenery looks better with the Sunset environment, though. It reminds me of one of my old coasters, Volcanis.
  9. Ghostrider on a bad day. I had a bad headache, was dehydrated and starving, and didn't know what I was in for... I got middle of silver train on a hot day and regretted the entire ride. Now I love Ghostrider... just not when I'm feeling ill beforehand. And I still don't understand what's with the hate of X... sure, it's rough, but I've had much worse rides on other coasters that fewer people complain about. X is tolerably rough for me, even on outside seats. The only time I felt bad after X was West Coast Bash -- I rode it 4 times in a row and my shoulders got bruised. Maybe I'm sadistic or something... Because I loved Psyclone too (and because of the roughness)! I actually rode back seat 4 times in a row...
  10. Knott's Berry Farm (3 times so far, at least once more before 2008) Six Flags Magic Mountain (3 times) Disneyland (once) Cedar Point (2 times) Six Flags Great Adventure (once)
  11. Agreed. I went on the 13th, and had a great time. Talent was being fun and energetic, and the mazes were clean and moved fast enough that the few small problems I noticed were not a problem in any way. Maybe it's just getting too crowded towards the end of the month, and maybe the actors are getting tired of it all... But it was great in the first half of the month.
  12. X and Viper. I don't know if I got it on a bad day, but I didn't really like Magnum that much. It was much rougher than X, and not very enjoyable... Yet everyone complains about X being too rough and Magnum being perfect. In fact... I actually like Desperado more!
  13. Some of my favorite albums of all-time: Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris - Audiovent Deloused in The Comatorium - The Mars Volta Songs For The Deaf - Queens of the Stone Age Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Mountain - Mastodon Carnavas - Silversun Pickups The Information - Beck Make Yourself - Incubus Morning View - Incubus Year Zero - Nine Inch Nails Icky Thump - The White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan - The White Stripes Revelations - Audioslave Vegas - The Crystal Method Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine Demon Days - Gorillaz Inhuman Rampage - DragonForce Mezmerize - System of a Down Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not - Arctic Monkeys Wolfmother - Wolfmother 10,000 Days - Tool St. Elsewhere - Gnarls Barkley
  14. I've been on TTD, Xcelerator, and KK... TTD comes first with Xcelerator close behind for me.
  15. Yeah, I would find it hilarious if this whole Nantimi thing was someone toying with us... I'm not believing anything until something comes directly from Hershey.
  16. Pretty disappointing, seeing as Chiller was one of the closed rides that I REALLY wanted to ride when I went to GADV this summer. Now if only they would move the pieces and rebuild it where Psyclone used to be at SFMM... But that's just wishful thinking.
  17. Yes, it's worth the wait. I rode it 3 times last week, with the longest wait being about 1 and 1/4 hours, and it was worth the wait every time.
  18. Maverick during the beginning of Friday night's thunderstorm... I was actually on one of the last trains before they shut it down.
  19. Just keep your head back and you'll be fine. Loops aren't bad at all. If you were to close your eyes and you didn't know the layout of the coaster, you would probably not even notice the loop. Basically, loops feel like a strong drop pullout with your view of the world spinning 360 degrees. Other inversions feel a little different, but most of them (aside from zero-g rolls) generally have the same positive-g sensations. Corkscrews feel like loops with lateral forces. Inline twists are pretty much flat zero-g rolls, so you do get hangtime. Zero-g rolls usually give floater airtime... Much like on a woodie, but upside down.
  20. Weird Al Yankovic last Friday... it was awesome. Next up: Incubus w/The Bravery on September 7th.
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