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  1. Tatsu... Fly at the Speed of FEAR! Runner-up: The Riddler's Revenge... Riddle Me This... Riddle Me That... (awesome Stand-Up coaster!) [/img]
  2. Wow. This would be the BEST. VIDEO GAME. EVER. But seriously, there has to be someone who can make a Half-Life 2 mod for this... ANYTHING can be made into a Half-Life 2 mod! Great idea!
  3. Hey Robb and Elissa! I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but what's your favorite ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain? It would be interesting to see how your favorites compare to mine and my friends' favorites... So thanks for reading and answering (if you do... )!
  4. Great TR! There are some photos in there of stuff I haven't really seen on here before (Batman's station), and yes, Tatsu is awesome. Unfortunately, I've only been on it once... BUT IT'S STILL AWESOME!
  5. I'd have to say... Flying Pretzel Loops. The HUGE ones, like Tatsu's pretzel loop. That thing was insane...
  6. Since I've only been on 4 coasters, it's an easy choice: Viper at SFMM...
  7. You know what really grinds my gears? Emo kids. They whine and cry and pity themselves, when all that does is make things worse. Oh well. Not EVERYONE can be happy.
  8. Presenting... My real name: Matthew!
  9. Arr, mateys... I'm vjgx... so yeah, I'm new. On to the coaster-stuffz: I'm a coaster n00b, so yeah. I've only ridden 4 coasters... I know. Pathetic. BUT THAT WILL CHANGE SOON ENOUGH!!! Coasters ridden (in order of riding): Viper (SFMM) Riddler's Revenge Batman: The Ride (SFMM) Tatsu Local parks: Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland Resort, Six Flags Magic Mountain So yeah... see ya around!
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