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  1. NOTE: Uses improved friction (NL 1.6) Height: 130 ft Speed: 66 mph Length: 4106 ft Inversions: 3 Æscape is a Eurofighter containing a launch, 90+ degree drop, and three inversions. I couldn't really think of a good theme for this ride, but I still think it's one of my better coasters. All trackwork except for the following turns was done by hand, without the usage of the AHG: Before and after the first lift, and before the second lift. These were made using Buster's helix prefabs. Otherwise, this is all hand-made, including 100% custom supports. Enjoy! Æscape.nltrack Æscape by vjgx for NoLimits 1.6 [download] -- Æscape --
  2. Yeah, I have Half-Life 2, so I saw this a while back... But it's still pretty awesome.
  3. Nice TR... King's Dominion looks like a nice park.
  4. Well, the only stand-up I've been on is Riddler's... And the loop has a bit of hangtime. Not too much, but noticeable.
  5. Ænema by Tool... It's a song about how Southern California should be sunk into the ocean.
  6. Okay, maybe I didn't explain it well enough... The picture was taken from a standpoint that the public can access. The sign was right above a gate labeled "No entry" or "employees only" or something like that. The theming could only be properly viewed by guests if the other side of the gate was open to guests. Plus, the public entrance to the Gotham City Backlot has a sign and arch somewhere else. This sign was merely facing the employees-only area... Hopefully that explains it better...
  7. ^ Okay, I see what you mean. I still think CS users are more harsh, though.
  8. ^ Maybe Old Moorpark Road - The Ride isn't the best example, but I've seen many other coasters downrated simply because of their uniqueness. The ride definitely isn't perfection or anything radically interesting -- I just used it as an example of ratings differences between the users of TPR and CS. As far as pumping goes, I'll sometimes have a single, almost ignorably minor pump in the ride -- CS users will chastise me for it, while TPR users will be nice about it and accept the fact that not everyone has so much time or talent when it comes to building perfect coasters. CoasterSims lets you submit a track under the "fantasy" category... And having such a category should encourage fair grading regardless of how radical or unrealistic it is. If the same track was put in an environment in the sky and had the scale doubled, without any effect on the quality, it should be equally rated. NoLimits has the words "no limits" in its name for a reason - you don't have to be constrained by existing standards and guidelines. I also do think it's upsetting that fantasy rides tend to get lower ratings. Maybe people have different ideas of good and bad (in terms of 0-10 ratings)... Because in my opinion, a 6 or 7 is average. 70% in school is a C, and a C is known as average. 60% or 50% are usually given when there are important flaws with the quality of work. Maybe I'm ranting on too much. Sorry if I've offended anyone.
  9. ^ The Gotham City Backlot text is backwards. The sign was facing the open area in front of B:TR, backwards and everything...
  10. Yeah, that was a fun trip... And Mike's not exaggerating, Viper WAS much rougher than usual on Sunday. I've gotten the 3rd row before without complaining, but this time, the 3rd row just hurt like heck. And I look really weird on X...
  11. How about "What's going to happen with Psyclone's wood?"
  12. ^ You've gotta be kidding me. I've submitted coasters that users over here call perfect to CoasterSims, and they've given me ratings of 6 or 7 on average. For example, my recent Old Moorpark Road - The Ride (see my thread about it here... Good reviews) was rated once on CoasterSims with a 6.33... Which still was strange because the user down-rated me because I used "prefab supports" on a wooden coaster (not everyone has enough time on their hands to build them one by one)! I don't know if we've just had different luck with our reviewers, but from what I can tell, CS users are much more criticizing in their reviews.
  13. Nice, fun coaster. It's not too bad, but could definitely use some work. - The lift hill and brake run aren't straight. To make a track piece straight, select it and press "I". - There were lots of little strange track pieces, mostly being wobbly or sudden in their transitions. Some time spent smoothing these out would help. - The turns didn't flow too well... It helps if you try to make the turn radius constant, instead of going from tighter to looser and so on. A nice layout and good idea, and with these improvements, it has the potential to be a very good family ride.
  14. ^ Well, we already did a Robb Report cover, so that's a bit similar... "Where in the world is Yeti Ball?" sounds like a great idea to me.
  15. To me, it just looks like an incline with a leveling-out at the end that may produce a bit of airtime... The banking to left looked a bit strange in those pictures, though.
  16. I've only been on Xcelerator, so I'm not too sure. Apparently, the OTSRs block the wind a little bit, but feel safer.
  17. The first two Intamin rocket coasters were built with lap bars, but due to the desire for more safety, all other rocket coasters built after those two were built with OTSRs. Both Xcelerator and Top Thrill Dragster have lap bars -- all of the others use OTSRs.
  18. Viper at SFMM... It was running really rough yesterday.
  19. Glad to see you had fun... I was at SFMM yesterday, and you're right... X was running ridiculously smooth (for X) this weekend. I actually shouted out "X ISN'T ALLOWED TO BE THIS SMOOTH!" on the inside raven turn... I even had a headache when I got on, and felt fine after the ride. Viper, on the other hand, was insanely rough yesterday... I don't know if it was just my headache, the fact that I was getting sick (because I'm home sick right now), or whatever... But it wasn't at all pleasant this time. Normally I like the ride, but this time was just plain wrong. Otherwise, the lines weren't too bad yesterday either, and X was having great operations. Not quite one-minute dispatches, but still faster than Tatsu's... And the grouper inside the station really helped with the wait time.
  20. ^ I don't know, but GMAN962 and I are both going tomorrow too. Hopefully it will be back open...
  21. vjgx


    ^ Goliath and Titan are the same, except for the fact that Titan has a second helix. I've been on Goliath, and the hill after the second drop has floater airtime... But it's pretty mild.
  22. B&M Coasters (except for stand-up ones) - Back seat, preferably an outside seat Stand-ups - Front seat, preferably inside Woodies - Depends... Most of the time, back seat, but with GhostRider, the 3rd car is my favorite Vekomas or other rough steel coasters - Middle X - Front, because it's the smoothest... but every row gets just as much wind
  23. ::Old Moorpark Road - The Ride:: by vjgx ------------------------------------------------- Originally intended as an inside joke between me and someone I know who's gotten lost on this now-abandonded road, Old Moorpark Road - The Ride is a huge wooden shuttle coaster set in the middle of nowhere. Riders will experience rough terrain and unexpectedly dangerous roadwork, both of which contributed to this area's abandonment. Please ride with caution... and enjoy your ride! Note: Requires Improved Friction (NL 1.6) and uses the Starry Night environment! Also, all trackwork was done completely by hand. No tools outside of the NoLimits Editor were used during the making of this ride, and all heartlining present was done manually without the usage of AHG. The built-in track smoother was used in one or two small areas. Only the wooden supports were done automatically, but many of them have been modified. Old Moorpark Road - The Ride.nltrack Old Moorpark Road - The Ride [NL]
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