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    Yeah, I noticed that less than 30 seconds after I got mine... Still, they're great. Mine's hanging on my closet's doorknob, along with two of my previous Comic-Con badges.
  2. Hey, you got a picture of my friend and I! Great Photo TR, by the way. WCB was fun... X 4 times in a row was awesome!
  3. ^ Yeah... I was kinda thinking that all of the nice work they've been doing was a temporary thing... But they sure do seem serious this time!
  4. Hey Elissa, could you please change mine to "I like X way too much"...? Thanks!
  5. Yeah, West Coast Bash was awesome! X is now my favorite coaster of all-time, and the whole trip was just plain fun... I'll definitely try to go again next time!
  6. ^ X was pretty rough, but tolerable in my opinion. About the same as Viper in terms of roughness, with more comfortable seats and padding.
  7. X can't hold a candle to it. Probably my all time favorite coaster right now. I can't imagine a coaster being that much better than X, seeing as I absolutely love X as it is... I need to get to Japan! Anyway, my last coaster was Superman: The Escape at Six Flags Magic Mountain...
  8. Just got back... Had a great time! Rode X four times, and it's my new favorite coaster. And Jahan and Ryan... I saw you two in line for Goliath right at that time it broke down. I also "pounded it" with Ryan at Tatsu.
  9. Ooh... Ninja looks REALLY shiny! I like shiny things... I'll be sure to ride Ninja tomorrow... See you all there!
  10. I'm sure Robb's cleaned up Yeti Ball since his last visit with Lou.
  11. Okay, now that just looks weird to me... I'm sure it seems even more awkward in person, so I can't wait for next weekend to see it!
  12. ^ If it's the same as the last time I went on a Friday, that half of the park doesn't open up until 11:00 am... But get to the rope closing it off around 10 minutes beforehand, and RUN. You should be able to get a few rides in on Xcelerator before the line gets too long.
  13. ^ Okay, thanks! It's not definite that we're gonna have to add them, but at least we know now.
  14. ^ You can order them on March 5th. Since I already RSVP'd with RideWorld, they told me... and also, I wonder what we'll have to do about adding him to our registered party...
  15. Congratulations Robb and Elissa! Kristen's a cool name, so yeah... I hope she likes coasters. Look forward to seeing her, and also to West Coast Bash in about a week!
  16. Drumming like crazy on any flat surface I can find Halloween by Aqua Vekoma Rides
  17. I didn't feel it... The last time I felt an earthquake was a few months ago, and it was a minor one somewhere around here.
  18. I happen to like those commercials... But they do get pretty annoying. It's actually more like: "SitNSleep'llbeatanyone'sadvertisedpriceoryourmattress is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  19. Around The World - Red Hot Chili Peppers Also known as the "non-remixed good version of the song from Rockin' California Screamin'"...
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