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P. 65: More details on parks 2018 expansion
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Re: Toverland Discussion Thread

Postby Fluorineer » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:17 am

thrillseeker4552 wrote:Looks very nice. You can tell this is much more of an "aesthetics" coaster rather than a super thrilling ride, but nonetheless it looks like a great addition the park.

Gotta disagree here. Of course almost every Wing-Coaster is meant for providing some outstanding aesthetics, but this one does a lot of things right that some previous installations of this model and to me it feels like B&M finally got over their teething-problems:

1. The pacing and the forces seem to be spot on this time. No more meandering through the layout. This is evdienced by it's short ride duration (almost exactly equal to The Swarm's) even though it's the longest Wing Coaster in Europe.

2. The choice of elements is spot-on. The airtime-hill and the helix appear to be very forceful (hi Gatekeeper), the inversions are just fine, especially the almost 450-degree zero-g-roll.

3. The scale is perfect. It's very tall for what it its and where it's placed, and the overall size works in favor of the ride (once again looking at Gatekeeper, where the size does absolutely nothing to improve the ride experience).

I think this installment is a good representation of what Wing-Coasters should be: short and sweet. The Swarm already did a lot of things very well, only exception being the ridiculous double-breakrun instead of a final tight turnaround, but it was the first iconic and well thought out installment of a B&M Wing Coaster, especially if you compare it to Wild Eagle and Gatekeeper, which are still great rides but feel like they want to be a 1990s B&M with new trains, rather than seeing this model as a new coaster type where ride experience, layout and appearance have to go hand in hand. For the same reason I also like X-Flight much more than the other 2 US Wing Coasters at that time.

Lot of bla bla bla, I'm sure this coaster will be pissing on everything except Thunderbird in terms of thrill-factor. It's just short, but that's it.

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Re: Toverland Discussion Thread

Postby Max0815 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 11:15 pm

More from construction site:

Beware of the Magic Donkey at Lotte World!
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Re: Toverland Discussion Thread

Postby MrRC » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:34 am

Toverland has started to do a lil advertising during the Streetgasm 2000 rally in Slovenia :

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Re: Toverland Discussion Thread

Postby RCT3Bross » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:36 am

Seems like Juy 7 will be a big day at Toverland. We already knew 2 new themed area's will be added to the park with two big attractions and a new entrance location with new parking lot. They also announced earlier that two of their existing rides Log Flume Backstroke and junior coaster Boomerang will get new names, Backstroke will become Expedition Zork and Boomerang will be named Toos Express. Now a third attraction will also be renamed July 7 Hara Kiri will become Drakenslangen (Dragon Snake). But they won't stop there. 2 themed area's will recieve new names also July 7 Magic Forest, home of the Log Flume and Bobkart, will be renamed Wunder Wald to fit the new Austrian theme the area is developing. Also Troy Area, named after the Coaster, will be renamed Ithaka to develop further on the story of Troy. Ithaka won't be new for the park as they already have a Horse attraction known as Paarden van Ithaka (Horses of Ithaka).

They really seem to make July 7 one of the most important dates in the park histroy. Source
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