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  1. Another one of this amazig ride. http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=19198461 Greets Auge
  2. Yes this is the Phantasialand One. You can also buy the Condor at www.prestonbarbieri.com/view/3.htm
  3. Could you, please, show me where Pandora´s Box islisted? I can´t find it.. Thx Age
  4. Here is a MovieTrailer from Talocan. Trailer I think it will be a Giantride from Huss, but wich? We´ll see.... and Heresome Photos of "The HOLE" I don´t think it will be a ToppelTower, at least its a Europe Premiere Greets Auge
  5. Hi, The MoviePark Germany gets 4 New Attractions for 2007. In the new Hollywood Area (Place of old Marienhof and CCC), themed as Sant.Monica Pier, a DiskoCoaster will be build. Also there will be, the Stargate 360´ Cinema at the old Studio1, behind Bandit. In the KidsLand, new Sponsor is Nikelodeon, the Vekoma SFC 293 is under construction. Last but not least a SplashBattle is coming, also at the WonderlandStudios. Here some interesting links: www.coastersandmore.de www.preview2007.de/ WAZ www.falconstreehouse.com/ Greets Auge
  6. I can´t believe it! A new Woddy in Front of my Homedoor! GREAT! Hope to hear more Updates soon! Lots of Greets TheEye :Edit: Yeahhh this is a Great Park, Boosterbike rocks and Boomerang is fantastic,too. I´ve had a Season Pass last Year and it i loved to visit the Park a lot of times. If you come from usa or else plan another visit at that day, the park is realy short and after 3 hours its getting lousy. BUT ITS A GREAT PARK AT ALL!!!!!
  7. Now, HERE Is the Updateted Link to the Videothread. click it or Leave It Auge
  8. My tour Video is now Online. You can see it HERE Hope for Feedback and have Fun with the Movie. Greets Auge
  9. Thanks alot for all your feedback. Nope, Max is better then both Burger King and McDonalds, too bad that they havn't opened a resturant inside Gothenburg. I dont mean it that way. Visit Liseberg and you´ll see three bk in one Park Its a KiddieRide located behind the Topspin ,with Animatronic Fairytatles and such stuff. You ride in a Ship styled Chase under a Rail. WOW, its scares me again.
  10. Nothing had changed, These are my Winners... But remember : "You Can Also Vote For My Video!"
  11. Nice! Greets to him.... i wish i had an picture of me and my first coaster
  12. Hej Svejs! Last Monday a Friend from the german Onride Forum and i went to Göteborg, to ride 3 fantastic Rollercoasters. The journey begins an Cologne/Bonn Airport where we arrived at 6am. The Plane started at 7am with destination "TinyLittleThing Airport Göteborg City" At 9.30am we arrived at the Centralstation but the opening from the Park was 13pm. So we climbed a Bus and traveled to our Hotel to check in. But the Hotel was closed till 5pm Another Busride later we arrived Centralstation again and walked AGAIN the 3km (2miles) to the Park. Finaly we get in and had a lots of fun in this Great Park. Its very beatiful there With a lots of Trees, Birds, nacked IronFigures and an amazing view from the Hill over the Skyline of Göteborg. On the Hill they have the Overviewtower a Ferriswheel and two S&S Tower. It looks unbeliveable from here. The Rides there are great, too. (push the name of the Coaster) Kanonen is one of the best Coaster i ever ride. All in all a great combination of Elements and the Heartlinerole is sooo smooth. Balder should be the greatest woodys in the world, so they say. In my opinion thats true Airtime over Airtime and BunnyHill after BunnyHill. Great! Lisebergbanan Greate Coaster up and down along the hill.Beatiful Schwarzkopcoaster. Is it powerd by Merzedes Benz? At last they have a Kiddicoaster called Cirkusexpressen A standard Tivolimedium. We all Know it. The other FlatRides and Atractions are beatiful,too. -Topspin -Roundup -Scooter -Calipso -Rapidriver -Pandavision one of the Greatest 3d Cinemas i´ve ever visit. and many other FlatRides This was a very good Trip and i hope to visit göteborg again. Here are some tips for your journey: Change your money bevor our travel to sweden, or a bag of peanuts cant cost 4€($) -Dont sit until waitig for the bus, it rides away without you. -BurgerKing rules Sweden -There are 2 Airports -If you sleep at Formula1 Hotel take a Jemmy with youe, Codepad is capricious! -There are 5cent payback on emptycans, so you cant search for trashbins-. and the important thing -Röking dödar! ............ I post my ParkVideo when its done, The Lisebergbanan Video is already posed . Greets Auge Lisebergbanan(onride).wmv Here is an video onride of the Lisebergbanan(a) The only unfreindly Employer at Liseberg, so the put him in a cage. "Hey, lets check out the Op in the Cages!" Wow! " Thanks God, its 2006" I cant believe its true! *Brrrrrr*
  13. Hi, Here´s my Top3 List: 1. Tom Müller - PortAventura 2. Paul Ruiz De Miquel - Parque de Atracciones 3. Julian Jhonson - Don´t look down 2005 3b. Justin Saxe - Silwerwood
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