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The Bryan and Adam Show Thread

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 3:26 pm
by Not For Sale

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:05 pm
by Not For Sale
Crowds were light at MK. Longest wait I saw was 30 for Space and Peter Pan. Onto the pictures!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 4:37 pm
by Not For Sale
Light crowds at AK as well. Longest wait was 40 for Everest. I love AK's detail, so I included some really weird nerdy shots. Please put up with them.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 1:17 pm
by Not For Sale
Today I went to AK with my roommate. Light crowds again, and heavy rain. Everything except Everest was a walk-on. Everest had a 30-40 minute wait. The Yeti was in B-mode today and yesterday. Not too many pictures today due to it raining the entire time we were there.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:50 am
by dino
Nice, love panda and horse pics... :roll:

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 7:28 am
by kc1296426
Hah that was awesome. Great pics, great report, too bad my AP expired last month.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 12:39 pm
by TheRapidsNerd
Some great pics and captions. The Nerd Shot below is my favorite.

Satisfactual comes from the Zippity Doo Dah song lyrics.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 6:40 pm
by Not For Sale
Today my roommate Will, his friend Jerry, and I went to the Disney Studios and Epcot. It was much more crowded than we expected. 90 minute wait for Toy Story. Crowds lightened up towards the end of the day, Mission: Space being a walk-on and Test Track at a 30-minute wait. Picture time!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 8:58 pm
by dandaman
Something something Jeff Johnson.


Awesome stuff Bryan. Too bad I missed you guys by a day or so.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:17 pm
by Not For Sale
I went to the Magic Kingdom in the late afternoon/night today.

Things of note:
-It was totally dead. The only thing I didn't walk on was my 2nd ride on Space Mountain, which was filling the station, but past the turnstiles.
-They're all ready for MNSSHP, looks to be exactly the same as last year, which is a good thing.
-I met the management of Waldameer way out of the blue. They were walking over the Splash Mountain bridge and I saw their Waldameer polos so I stopped them and said hello and how awesome RF2 was on the Behemoth trip. They also found out today about their Golden Ticket. They seemed happy.
-They were only running 1 station on Big Thunder, and they were stacking the trains a little. I don't know if I've ever seen that before on there.

And now that you've ignored the words, onto the photos!