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  1. So, we're only allowed to discuss the things somebody else finds important? If the management of the park thought the change important enough to bring up at the conference, there's no reason why it shouldn't be able to discuss it here, both pro and con. Anything about the park... especially something that affects their customers, should be fair game. If not? Feel free to ban me and, while your at it, post a list of topics that are acceptable to be discussed. And, I'm sorry I took it so personally. The thing is, though, that one needs to consider where a park like Waldame
  2. Well, I'm sure from the park's perspective, there's little chance for a downside. Unless people decide to go someplace else, it's not them who would potentially lose money on the deal. So, I'd be surprised if they had anything bad to say about it, regardless of what the guests said. with respect to Cowabunga Bay, given that it's a water park and not an amusement park, what, besides food, would one be using a Wally-Card type system for? There's no mention of it on their website. I find it interesting, though, that everybody seems to think offering a refund would be such a burden f
  3. I'm certainly all for anything that can reduce lines (although, the last two times I've been there I've had no wait at all). That said, given how short the ride on the Comet is once it leaves the platform, I really have to wonder if this ride will see maximum benefit from these. By the time the 2nd card reaches the loading zone and gets loaded, the first car will be back. While minutes add up through out the course of a day, I how much faster the line will really cycle through with this. Exactly and thanks for saying it. I for one I would not even think of planing a trip to a pa
  4. Understood. And, my comments on the cashless system was not based on an impression that they were doing it to cheat somebody or to be malicious in any way. It was simply an objection to the way it was being implemented. I can certainly see the advantage of the current barcoded wrist bands from an employee standpoint. Like I said, I have no real problem with them. Although, the need to have your wrist band scanned every time you go from the Waldameer portion of the park to the Waterworld portion has been known to create a bit of a bottleneck as opposed to having an attendant
  5. You could look at it that way. But, that's a pretty shotty way of doing business. The only way that you get regular customers in anything is to treat the non-regulars well enough to make them want to be regulars. As I understand it from Waldameer's blog, other than the arcade and the merry go round ticket booth, it will be a completely cashless system. You can use a credit/debit card for food, aparently. Which is fine. But must use the card for games and cash is accepted nowhere else in the park. Yes, I can certainly ignore the inconvenience and load up the card before goi
  6. My comment has nothing to do with fear of change. I'm well aware of the usage of the system for rides over the last couple of years. And, other than when the scanners don't work (more often then most would like to admit), it's not an issue. People were already wearing wristbands. It's not a meaningful change. The point of my comment is a simple one. And it's based on far too many years of going to amusement parks with a preset number in my head of what I was going to spend only to go over it year after year. Most people will initially load up the cards with what they think t
  7. Oh, I understand the point. I also understand that the system will likely cost them more than they'll make off of it. First will be the expense of initiating it. The cost of the kiosks. The cost of installing card readers at all of the games. Then, there is the recurring cost of the cards. No refund... no incentive to turn it back in at the end of the day. Second, consider where a park with free admission and free parking makes most of it's money. Food and games. While it may seem like a nice convenience for both to simply swipe a card, if they are going to accept debit/cr
  8. ^ I've really got to go with you on this one. I love Waldameer and get up there at least once every year. While I can understand the advantage to them to go with a cashless system (I mean, their game operators aren't allowed to touch the money anyway!), the fact is that no matter what denominations you add money to the card by, there is no way that you're not going to have money left over at the end of the day. As long as they make it possible to get a refund on the balance, I'm cool with it. Otherwise? I'm not going to really appreciate having to figure out how to spend whatever's
  9. I just wanted to add, for those who aren't familiar with Waldameer, Sara's is not connected with them in any way. It's a family owned establishment that includes a campground, diner/ice cream stand and a tourist trap sorta place called Beach Zero that just happens to be located right next to Waldameer. Just wanted to throw that out there so people didn't get put off by the lack-luster review of Sara's campground. The food is great, though. There are quite a few motels along the strip leading up to Waldameer that can be had for reasonable prices. There are more upscale hotels down n
  10. I've loved water parks since I was a kid when the campground my grandmother bought into at Pymatuming built one right along side the campground. There are obviously larger water parks out there but Water World does have decent slides. Plus, the one thing I like about it over Sandcastle (Pittsburgh) is that you can't go down the double slides at Sandcastle without a double tube and another rider. Water World doesn't worry about such things. And, you're right about Sara's Diner. Well, it's actually the Ice Cream stand as the Diner no longer serves food. It's just used for indoor seat
  11. Made what is becoming an annual trek to Erie last week. Thought I might submit a few notes about the overall experience from a repeat customer perspective. Part of this review includes my lodging for the week. As has become customary for us, we stayed at Sara's Campground. For those who aren't familiar with the area, Sara's is located just down the hill from Waldameer, nestled right in between the park and Presque Isle State Park. It's the closest campground to Waldameer and it's within walking distance (if you don't mind trekking up the hill). Sara's doesn't take reservations, so
  12. Most of the people that go to Kennywood are locals. It's something we do every year, whether we want to or not. It hasn't been what one would call a destination park in quite a while and, for the most part, the locals like it that way. Kennywood rarely "adds" anything. They normally look for things that people no longer like, remove them, and build something else. Yes, they can move things around and make room for more rides and such in the land they already have. And, I can tell you that 90% of the people who go there will end up hating it. Kennywood has a particular look and
  13. The land behind the racer is fairly steep hillside. Not even sure what they could do with it unless they were going to tear down that old factory building. On the other hand, Lake Compounce has some fairly steep hills around it and they used the terrain to build Boulderdash. Could possibly build a pretty nice terrain coaster down there if they were able to secure the land all the way past the highway. You're right about the probability of them expanding without that highway, though. Part of my above comment had to do with the fact that there is no quick way to get to Kennywood. It'
  14. There are both good and bad sides to any change in pricing structure. Somebody earlier in the thread mentioned (sarcastically) about doing away with ride all day passes and going back to tickets. While the ride all day passes have proven successful financially, there are certainly customers that Kennywood lost when they discontinued individual tickets as an option. Many grandparents have stopped coming to the park because they don't want to have to pay full admission price to get into a park that they have no intentions of riding rides in. The season passes are both good and bad f
  15. These types of coasters, truthfully, don't do a whole lot for me. But, Kennywood has been overdue for this type of ride. Given the lack of available space, a launcher is probably the only real option they had. Hope it does well for them, although I find myself heading up to Waldameer more than Kennywood these days. The lines are horrific. Sad to see the Turnpike go, but, it really hasn't been the same since they went to the electric cars anyway. Do away with the awful Garfield's Nightmare and bring back the Old Mill and I'll be happy.
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