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Dragon Mountain at Marineland in Canada. During the morning I was the first on and the only one on the first load and when I got to the mid course break run it stop and I was slmmed on the Harrness. The next morning I had a mark from it.

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The coasters that I can think of that have an abrupt stop are:


Mummy at USF (Fake ending)

Cheetah Chase (Before the turn to the "Big drop")

Deja Vu (On the Vertical Spike)

Python @ BGA (Ending Breaks before station)

GASM @ SFoG (End Breaks)

Ninja @ SFoG (1st set of breaks)

Scorpion @ BGA (Station stop)

Kumba @ BGA (First set of end breaks after helix)

Dueling Dragons Both (End Breaks before exit platform)


Those are the only ones I can think that have harsh break runs...

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That have to be Hypersonic XLC for me. It hurts so much. I also remember Viper at SFGAm to be extremely painfull.


Yeah... it's pretty bad. Especially if you're not prepared for it. However, if you hold onto the bar infront of you and straigten out your arms before you hit the brake run, it's not as painful.

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Steel: S:UF- After you exit the barrel roll, the brakes quickly slow you down, and the block brakes after the 180* turn also don't fel good


Wood: Cyclops or Pegasus-I don't remember the coaster, but all I could think after the brakes was ouch.

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Like, when you come forward into the station, a lot of quick stops, enough to get a head ache.


Twister II, when it stops in the break run, the entire break run, down the the last turn sways back and forth.


Zamperla Volares, the hell machines slam your shoulders into those 'restraints'.


Wildcat at Cedar Point.


Watch these kids get whiplash on Twister II.

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