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KICK BOODIE! Possibly the Greatest Ride Ever Created.

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First off, thanks to everyone for your kind words. I apologize for the overall lack of great quality to the video, but it's really the best I could do with what I had. Also, a big thanks to Robb for helping with the technical issues!


But here a few thoughts from what I was able to see so far:


- The ride looks awesome! It looks like a really nice mix of scary and fun. I think I would actually be a little scared to ride it, especially with so little in the way of harnesses.

Thanks! Yeah, at one point near the end of the video, even the owner mentions that it can be a little intimidating at first. From my own experience I can honestly say that once you get going, you don't even realize that you're only tied in by a chain around your waist. You're so focused on reconnecting, that all safety "concerns" are lost. In watching the video, I kept thinking, "I hope this goes far in helping to explain the ride a bit more, but man, it still won't do it justice. It's just such a unique ride, and such a unique experience that I can't quite compare to anything else." I mean, there's literally nothing else out there that gives you the range of motion and freedom of movement while riding that this thing does.


- I can't imagine this thing ever running again in sue-happy America. (But I would make a point to seek it out if it did run again!)

You know, that's the thing.....I know everyone naturally thinks the same thing given our litigious environment, but what keeps me positive about the ride's possible return is that it did once operate in sue-happy America, and for quite some time. I definitely think it's possible to do so again.


- This video must be really cool to see if, unlike me, you were someone who actually rode it. This video is probably going to bring back a ton of fond memories for people.

You have no idea!


- It was neat seeing the owners ride it with no one else. It made it much easier to see what was going on, and it was nice seeing experienced people riding it.

I agree. That was the best surprise when I first watched the footage.


- Those owners are like 100x cleaner and nicer than any carnival worker I've seen in so cal.

Ha! Yeah, these folks did a lot to help improve the typical "carnie" image. I'll say it again, they are two of the nicest people I've ever met.


Scott - great to finally see this in action with such awesome 80's music.

Thanks, Larry. Yeah, I was hoping for some of the Top Gun soundtrack, but I'll settle for some Footloose I guess.


On top of the awesome Kick Boodie action, may I just say that is the FASTEST swing ride ever. Like, holy crap I think you would pull notable positive gs fast.

Indeed. A typical wave swinger tops out at 27mph. Kick Boodie was once clocked on the radar gun at 45mph!


holy crap, I'm dizzy just watching! I honestly never would have imagined it to be that intense.. I now forgive you for rambling on about this since the first day I met you

LOL. C'mon Joe, you didn't really think I'd steer you wrong, did you?


Looks seriously awesome, if only we could have it today.

Hopefully, you will.


Did anyone else find it awesome that the two ride operators were demonstrating their prowess to "I Want Your Sex"?

Hehe. Yeah, certainly an interesting choice of soundtrack. It creates quite a dichotomy from the ride's early years to its later years, when the owners had accepted God in their lives and vowed to use their ride as a tool of ministry, playing mostly church festivals, etc.

I'm curious if the video helped the ride live up to your expectations? I ask because I know you've been a big fan and supporter of the ride along the way.




Like it? Hate it? Would you ever ride it? Have you ridden it in the past, and would like to share your memories of it? I'm anxious to hear everyone's thoughts on the ride. And any positive feedback will certainly help concerning the ride's future. So please, feel free to post your comments!

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Remember that scene in John Carpenter's spectacular remake of "The Thing," where that dead guy's head separates itself from the neck, falls to the floor, and sprouts spider legs out of the mouth? And then the spider-head starts walking around?


And remember that one dude's reaction?


What he said.

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Now if they could take the Kick Boodie concept and put it on a Star Flyer...


They do something similar in Europe on the swing rides where they try to swing higher and grab a piece of rope hanging on the outside of the ride. Here's an example of what they're doing:


(you can see the rope below the blue ball on the left hand side that they are trying to grab)


This video shows in detail some of the techniques they use to grab that rope while the ride is moving:

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^^ Hmm, interesting stuff there. Compared to KB, that stuff looks totally rogue....and pretty fun too. I wonder how it evolved into that?


And yeah, the Kick Boodie concept on a Star Flyer would scare the crap out of me.


Thanks again, guys for the comments and compliments!


I didn't quite get the concept of the ride from your description, and I didn't understand how it was "so cool" but it totally makes sense now. That is probably the coolest ride I have ever seen and wouldn't mind trying it out for myself.

Stuff like this makes the effort worthwhile.


Now, in the name of journalistic integrity, I feel compelled to take a moment and respond to several posted YouTube comments.


This IS LEGAL!!?!??!?!



Nobody has been hurt or killed on this thing????

The only injuries occurred when certain folks tried to attain the prestigious "Darwin Award."


When it stops wouldn't you slam into the person in front of you, because when its stopped the seats are together...



Thirty. Five. Minutes.
It looks so damn breakable! Maybe the vid of this ride is a bit to long... maybe...

It was 55:00. I'll release the extra on the Special Edition DVD, with director commentary.


What's holding them on?



How dangerous was this?

Just a step below walking into a nuclear reactor on the brink of meltdown.


Yay thanks for posting the vid of this!

You're welcome!

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This video shows in detail some of the techniques they use to grab that rope while the ride is moving:


That is epic! I would love to try that out. To reach the rope looks like it takes a lot of timing and skill.

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This is the only ride on earth that truly frightens me. I was at the Allentown Fair in 1977 where they had a very similar ride. During operation at nearly full speed, two young girls attempted to connected & one of the swings malfunctioned. I don't recall all the specifics of the accident since I was only 5 & was some time ago, but after discussing with my mom, I believe that a bolt or clip failed and the entire chain & chair became detached from the arm of the ride.The girl flew over one stand & crashed through a speed pitch setup. I did actually witness the accident but was at the fair that night & actually remember that I was playing the Goldfish Ball toss when the Ambulance showed up.

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