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  1. That's really lame of them. The email I got from Dollywood said we were all embargoed, them included until 9:30pm EST. I can't say I'm surprised they were the ones to do it. TPR Haters have no integrity.
  2. It looks like SFoG has another solid addition to their Coaster Lineup. What makes Triple D even better is now 4 of the Best Coasters at the park are within the same line of sight.
  3. ^^ Jynx, I don't think I've ever not laughed when I think about that Looking back, there were similar things I did when I was growing up, but I just didn't know exactly what it meant, other than I knew I liked girls. In a way, I've always been like Leon Phelps (The Ladies Man) just minus the treating women like they were for nothing but sex, and ever having had a girlfriend.
  4. I'm straight, and I've know it since I was 5. While I was in the middle of watching the 1992 Miss America pageant, I was told bedtime was coming up soon for my Sister and I. I remember asking my Dad if I could stay up just a little bit longer, so I could see the swimsuit contest, or if he could tape it for me. From that point on I knew I was attracted to girls.
  5. Given how fast it went up, I wouldn't be shocked if it did Besides the electrical and station work, plus testing, landscaping, and theming, there really doesn't seem to be more then a few weeks worth of work left. Of course since I'm not actually working on it, I'm probably wrong
  6. I'm not sure about Charlie Magruders, but I know Masquerade is still around, as I'm going to see a show there in May When the Braves win the N.L East this year, they don't start the NLDS until early October, so you'll have to make another trip for that.
  7. Prince Desmond I no haev breasts since I lost lots kilo's. Would a woman or a very fat man please provide theirs for holding?
  8. I've only watched the first 3rd of this video, but I can confidently say I would ride the Kick Boodie given the opportunity to. Great music btw Scott. I couldn't help but snicker hearing George Michael in the background
  9. Yes, and I know I'll probably have a group of 2-4 others. I'd also be interested in any pre/post SFoG bash that involves Beer and/or Hash-browns
  10. I received my bag of crap on Friday(Thanks Robb). Here's a partial listing of what I found inside - A Tokyo Disneyland park map, valid during April through September of 2008 -A Mickey's-not-so-scary-Halloween-Party bag from last year -TPR Mints - A DVD(I haven't checked it out yet to see whats on it) - A Holiday Park map from 2010(My favorite item so far) -A Camelot Park map from 2010 And a few other cool things I can't think of right now. Thanks again Robb. These items are a nice addition to my park stuff collection.
  11. Happy Happy Joy Joy! Although I'm not a fan of the colors(It should have been Red and Black IMO ), the ride itself looks like it'll fit in nicely with SFoG's already amazing lineup of coasters. My only question is, will they get McDonald's to sponsor it, and promote it with a new triple patty burger featuring "Devil" sauce ?
  12. Very nice TR, Hanno. I enjoy seeing all of these cool northern European parks you post trip reports of.
  13. Wow! Adventure Mountain looks like a great addition to Dollywood. I initially figured it would be like Sky Hike at Stone Mountain Park on Steroids, but it's appears to be like Sky Hike on both Steroids and HGH ^^^ There's no way you can hit you're head on anything with that guide rope. I slipped a few times when I did the aforementioned Sky Hike, and had no injuries what-so-ever(Other than slight rope burn). Those were Really good looking pictures, Guy
  14. ^Well, I can't wait until the details are released, Elissa A TPR event is just what I need before I start college
  15. A-hum-ma-na-hum-ma-na-hum-ma-na I think this solidifies my plans for a return trip to Virginia in August. Chuck, great job on the pics, and nice captions as well. Robb, that POV footage was spectacular as always.
  16. Very nice trip report, pufferfish When I eventually make a trip up to Charlotte later this year, Intimidator has good potential to become my new number 1 steel coaster.
  17. Hi Y'all, I'm David and I'm from just outside of Stone Mountain, Georgia. I've been surfing Roller Coaster websites for about 9 years, and finally made the big jump from just being interested in them, to riding them 2006. I have a form of High Functioning Autism, known as "Aspergers Syndrome", which even though is technically considered a mental disability, it doesn't have too "bad" things associated with it. Other than having Aspergers, I'm a fairly normal 23 yr old guy, who hopes to be president of the United States someday.
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