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5 Intresting Facts about yourself


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Laura, my dearest one. I thought everyone already knew we were going to get married? I mean when I say I'mgoing to Rosen, there's background info I just didn't feel the need to tell everyone. I guess it's out now. Laura and I are going to get married!!!



And trust me, you are my first priority. Even over eating, breathing, sleeping, and coasters. You're number one Laura. Don't ever forget that!

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1. I once survived getting hit by a bus when I was a child, and even managed to keep it a secret from my parents for a while, and when they fidn out it was 'cus Id escided tot lel them


2. I have a giant mallet named Lucy and I keep an Anvil under my desk.


3. I once wanted to be a coaster designer but I figured thats a dream I cant chase 'cus I wouldnt know where to start


4. I once snuck into my home park during yom Kippur(the day of atonment) while it was closed and climbed the emergency stairs to the top of the Anaconda(A boomerang)


5. I have never seen star wars or lord of the rings, and I ate NERDS for the first itme this week

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1. I'm a former American Idol contestant

2. I have a twin brother

3. I once snuck into a cruise ship engine room.

4. I went to DCA a month before the park opened

5. I fell nearly forty feet off a Zipline seven years ago.

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^ Yes there are the producers who cut me, . Then there are the executive producers who make the final determination on who sees Simon, Randy and Paula.

Out of typically 10,000 people from each city, only 50-300 people make to Simon, Randy and Paula. The majority of those who audition are quite good at singing.

I was at one point guranteed a spot with Simon, Randy and Paula but it fell through when the producers found all the people they needed, which they told us after my group auditioned. So basically when I auditioned, I had no chance.

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Lets see....


1. Took a bath in chocolate before (it was a bet...and a tasty one at that!)


2. Got pretty banged up when speeding down a steep hill on a 15 speed bike with no brakes (didn't know the brake didn't work). Me, telephone pole, bad ending.


3. Went on a surprise 2 week trip to Vahine, Tahiti for my 18th birthday in 2004.


4. I once hopped a McDonalds counter and smashed a guys head in the register for hitting my sister in the face when she refused to date him...she didn't even know the guy. (I dislike conflict so, I felt bad afterwards...he needed 6 stitches to the forehead)


5. I Love French Fries & Vanilla Milkshakes...I refuse to eat either unless I have both.

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Hmmm 5 facts about me... lets see...


1. I snuck into Lake Compounce 5 years ago and walked to entire length of Boulder Dash.


2. Im getting engaged to my girlfriend Jenna (we've been together for 5 years now) opening weekend at Knoebels.


3. I spent almost all of September 2006 in drug rehab because I was addicted to oxycontin and heroin. (Been clean ever since.)


4. Ive been in 2 roll over accidents and walked away un hurt from both.


5. I now work for a company called CRI where I work with kids between the ages of 11 and 17 who were abused, neglected and have problems. Its a group home and is the most rewarding job I have ever had.


So theres my 5 things... #3 took me 3 and a half years to confront but it was the best decision I ever made to get clean.

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1. I love to sing.

2. I love the New York Yankees!

3. When I was 18 months old I fell out of my highchair and split my head on the radiator, I had a 20% of living.

4. I'm obsessed with roller coasters.

5. I hate to lose at anything.


I just noticed that we live in the same city. We totally rock.

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1. I love Hockey!...and play when I can.


2. I'm a CSI fanatic, (but only the Las Vegas series).


3. I watch pro wrestling, (mainly TNA & Ring Of Honor).


4. I crave Chet & Matt's pizza constantly.


5. My daughter and I collect smashed pennies from virtually every theme park we go to, (we have somewhere 180-200 at last count).

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1. I love old foreign movies, especially those of the French New Wave.

2. I have never considered beating the record for shortest visit to the Louvre.

3. I think I need a haircut.

4. My watch says it's 9:46 PM.

5. I'm taking German 3 and have been maintaining A and B grades, yet I can still hardly speak the language. Ich bin ein Berliner

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