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5 Intresting Facts about yourself


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Hmm... Let's see...


1. I love ceramics, especially throwing on a wheel. I don't think of it as art, but more like therapy.


2. I don't have a pituitary gland.


3. I got a CD the day before it came out.


4. I am a second degree black belt.


5. While on a trip to Orlando when I was 7 months, I got really sick.

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4.) I masturbated in a bathroom at Universal Studios.


Oh dear god no! Isn't that like, illegal? I sure hope you're joking!




1. I've been hit by a car.


2. I LOVE to sing, though I suck at it!


3. I am moderately scared of roller coasters, yet I LOVE them.


4. I've been to a lot of countries.


5. I've been to Australia by myself twice, I'm 16.


Pretty lame.

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1. My life has changed more over the past year than the 18 years before that (thanks to college).

2. My dad and I were nearly killed in an accident on the Wild Mountain alpine slide when I was 8.

3. I have ridden two roller coasters on their opening day (Tony Hawk at SFDK and Terminator at SFMM)

4. I am distantly related to former US president Lyndon Johnson.

5. I despise competitive sports where a team would depend on me. That's why I took up Taekwondo, since it focuses on the individual instead, and got my Black Belt last year.

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Okay, well here's a little bit about me...


1) I am obsessed with soccer, ask me something and I'll more than likely be able to tell you the answer.

2) I have never broken a bone...not that I know of

3) I'm in year 8

4) I've been to Holland three times, when I was a baby, when I was 5/6, and when I was 10.

5) My favourite food is lasagna

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1) I look like I'd play guitar or bass in a band, but I play the Cello


2) I studied abroad in Japan for a year in high school


3) I was born in New York, but can't remember anything about it.


4) I had a cat that took me 4 months to name


5) When I was a kid I cried in line for space mountain because I was scared

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1) I've never left the East Coast, aside from two trips to Cedar Point.


2) For a while I would cry so that my mom wouldn't ride roller coasters. I was that scared of them.


3) My Rock Band drum kit has four pads, three cymbals, and two foot pedals.


4) Two of the four pads are also broken, and EA won't replace them. Duct tape is my best friend.


5) I got a 2050 on my SAT and I'm taking it again in October.

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1) I L-O-V-E Enter Shikari


2) I shred my xbox360 discs when they annoy me.


3) The worst injury I've had was when I fell out of a tree, landed on my ass and broke my coxic(?)


4) I've had a season pass for Alton towers for three years, and only been 6 times.


5) I'm going to the sonisphere festival on friday! Linkin Park!



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-Ben Affleck is a distant cousin of mine.


-I've never missed an episode of The Hills. Ever.


-I was born in Peru, and before I was adopted by my parents my name was Gustavo Luis Alejandro.


-My favorite movie is Thirteen.


-I had a seizure when I was 5 and as a result cannot remember anything before that age.

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Here ya go -


1) I collect pinback buttons of all sorts and have a collection well over 40,000.


2) I have worked at the Oregon School for the Deaf for 21 years, and founded their haunted house, the Nightmare Factory, now in it's 21st season.


3) For 15 years I managed Thrill-Ville USA, a small amusement park outside town.


4) I have played drums since 1970, have played in the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, but not with Mr. Welk, just some of the band members.


5) And, I am a theater make up artist and special effects make up artist.

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1.) I collect Barbies. The fancy ones, the ones in the boxes. It's probably corny but I can guarantee they'll be worth something someday lol. They're my nest egg besides my 401k.


2.) I was in bandfront (a flag twirler) in the marching band all through high school. I can twirl and toss 6-foot flags.


3.) I love to eat soup and peanut butter sandwiches together. I've always thought this was a normal thing but apparantly most people I talk to think it's disgusting.


4.) I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, although I'll smoke cigars once in a blue moon.


5.) I was a big X-Files fan; I still have my X-Files "collection" that includes episode guides, posters, magazines, TV Guides, etc.

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1. I've only ever left Pennsylvania once. We got lost and entered Ohio, before the days of GPSs and Mapquest. I don't remember it ever happening.

2. I own a car, yet I don't know how to drive and only have been behind the wheel (of a different car) one time (as of this writing, that'll soon change).

3. I suppose I have some experience driving, however, as the train I drive at Kennywood has a gas pedal.

4. Often times, on many forums, I abandon my post before finishing and posting it. IDK why, but obviously, that is not the case here.

5. I haven't used my Nintendo Wii since January...waiting for SMG2 and NSMBWii to come out.

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-Directly related to Seth Rogen

-Once shared an apartment with members of Band of Horses for a weekend

-I have an immerse fear of all insects big and small

-My 11th grade history teacher had a role in The Lost Boys

-Loves my 2008 VW Rabbit more then life itself

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1. I play guitar


2. Most of the music I listen to is German


3. I've been playing RCT1 for over a decade and nothing else compares!


4. I've been with my girl friend for almost 3 years, and I really think she's the one!


5. I work at Knott's

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-I am red-green colorblind.


-I have Pittsburgh Steelers season tickets and have been to every home game since Heinz Field opened. My parents have had their season tickets since the 1970s. I've also been to over 5 away games at Cincinnati (including the playoffs in 2005), and I was at Super Bowl XL.


-My mom has Pittsburgh Penguins season tickets and I get to go to a few games every year.


-My parents have a place at Pymatuning Lake in Andover, OH (about 10 minutes from Conneaut Lake Park) that we frequently visit during the summer. It's like a gated community with trailers. My dad owns a pontoon boat that I like to go out on. We have 2 golf carts. My parents have one and I have one. Mine has flames painted on and spinner hubcaps.


-Along with roller coasters and parks, I also enjoy video games. I own all 3 next generation consoles (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii).

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Does Thrill-Ville have any connection to Enchanted Forest right next door? Just curious since I always wondered if they get along since they are serious, right. next. door.






sadly Thrill-Ville shut its' doors two years ago, so now they get along just fine. During my time as GM at the park I had a good working relationship with the Toftee family over at Enchanted Forest.


We got along, but much to the dismay of Enchanted Forest, the people I worked for did little to theme the park, or make it more than it was, a collection of old school rides on a paved lot. We did have a lot of lovely trees around us and we did have some nice grassy bits. There was just no real lay out to the place.


Ove time the park became vastly better, at first there ws very little pavement, it was all gravel and dirt, a real bear to clean up.


I think Mr Tofte would be glad Thrill-Ville is gone.


BTW there are still a mess of great old rides for sale, including the Ripper and little ripper coasters.

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1) I'd ride every coaster on earth but wouldn't ever go on a sling-shot

2) Have had my works published in magazines and also used to do community radio

3) Enjoy the smell of airports/planes

4) I've thought about being the following at least once: flight attendant, pilot, cop, radio announcer, singer, stand-up comedian and I'm sure there's going to more to come...

5) I want to build a home theatre in my bedroom

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