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5 Intresting Facts about yourself


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OK .. I guess I'll play.


1) I maintain a big bowl of chocolate in my office for people to nush on.


2) I like lighthouses.


3) I am about to run to the post-box to drop off my car insurance check.


4) I like traffic lights (but only when they're green).


5) Nothing else.



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Time for an update:


1. I'm intensively studying japanese at the KUL (not only the language, but also culture, literature, history, economics etc. of Japan)

2. Now that I'm in college I now know who my true friends are

3. I love to live how I want, without parents to say what you should do.

4. I do miss my mom's cooking though

5. Hajimemashite!

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Might as well do 5 more...



1. Runs cross country

2. Washes cats

3. I still fly gliders I gues....

4. Took my car into the shop today and was told the tire wasnt round

5. Hates Dirty Ron's, but will eat there anyway (the food literially cuts off my breathing!)


Colin C

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Random stuff...


1. I am a very sarcastic person.

2. I am an a$$ online.

3. I eat like a 500lb man, but weigh only 145lb.

4. I am 6'1".

5. I think Call of Duty and Band of Brothers are the two greatest things ever created for entertainment purposes.

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1. I am posting on TPR at 2:30 AM.....whats wrong with me?!


2. I have never been on a bad Vekoma ride!


3. I couldnt find the car in Cedar Point's parking lot for 2 hours!


4. I am a fan of Ryan King! XD You rock Ryan!


5. I was on a TTD rollback!

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1.I make more money at the age of 18 than most people do at the height of their careers.



2. I'm in denial about my sexuality....


3. I'm single(it sux ass.)


4. I have a strong passion for firearms, and own dozens.(What if we are invaded?)


5. I want to go into the military, but my job pays too damn much.....so I am left with a conundrum...

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