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5 Intresting Facts about yourself


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List 5 things about yourself which you think others might find interesting or amusing. It could be anything. Hobbies, food, something you collect (stamps, coins etc...), something you love to do, your job, your birth order, how many siblings you have, Or any thing else that is appropriate.


I'll Start:

1. I like Basketball.

2. My favorite show is Full House.

3. I have two dogs.

4. I love Flan.

5. I've had a Root Canal


Now you go.

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Ok, here is mine.


1. I love Field Hockey.

2. I like rock/heavy rock music.

3. I like Indian/Japanese/Italian/Chinese/Mexican food.

4. I live in Ireland, where there are hardly any coaster people. Like only 5.

5. I am doing Maths, Additional Maths, English, English Litreature, French, Geography, Art, Technology, Chemistry and Physics for my GCSE's.

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1. I work from home most of the time.


2. I am a dual-citizen of America/Italy cause my great granfather was a bootlegger who was denied american citizenship.


3. I have two cats whom my wife and I love like children.


4. I'm a writer of social and political commentary.


5. Won several medals as a martial artist.

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lol @ mark



1. I'm an only child


2. I'm afraid of heights when not strapped into something


3. Right now I am procrastinating from doing a research paper.


4. I see three coasters every day: silver comet and crazy mouse at fantasy island, and dragon mountain at marineland.


5. Did I mention the research paper? ugh.

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1. My howetown (Patterson, Calif.) is the "Apricot Capital of the World."


2. I started out as a horticulture major at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, but graduated with an English degree.


3. I once told Mel Blanc where to find the men's room at the Cal Poly University Union.


4. Two of my most prized possessions are two original one-sheets: Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars and Ed Wood's Jail Bait. (Always on the prowl for more.)


5. I have yet to set foot in a Six Flags park.

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1. I have anger problems. If I strike out in baseball, I'll often get pissed and will need to slam/punch something to feel better.

2. I am obsessed with Gatorade. On a normal day I'll have two bottles, but on a Saturday when I have baseball I could have half a dozen.

3. I collect Stuart's Soda bottlecaps.

4. I like beer yet have only had a few sips on occasion. Non-alcoholic is decent as well.

5. I like to text people more than I like to call them because I'm afraid I'll say something stupid, and my cell phone's reception is crappy.

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1) I'm probably the only TPR member from Connecticut

2) my ancestors on my mom side owned a house where George Washington decided to attack trenton along side the delware river

3) You pronounce the first three letters of my last name...which is Keough (key-o)

4) My room is covered from floor to ceiling with posters.

5) I almost died in a car crash before I was born. If my Mom hadn't worn her seatbelt, i wouldn't be around today.

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1. I want to win $1,000,000.


2. I love doughnuts.


3. I drink coffee every morning and it hasn't stunted my growth like everyone warned about 3 years ago.


4. I have four flesh eating plants in my room right now.


5. I have been SCUBA diving in Hawaii. (I know what the difference is between SCUBA diving and snorkeling)

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1. I am a big time Kung Fu/Hong Kong movie buff.

2. Speaks some Mandarin Chinese (I lived in Taiwan for a while)

3. I hate mayonaise.

4. Really did not get into roller coasters until 2005.

5. I still have my working Atari 2600 from when I was a kid.

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1.) I am the 2nd best swimmer in my age group for the state of Colorado.


2.) I've gotten numerous modeling offers, yet have turned them all down.


3.) As a freshman, I've already gotten letters and scholarship offers from over 6 schools.


4.) My worst subject in school is spelling and grammar, while my best is math.


5.) I have a small patch of white hair on the right side of my head, yet my hair is to long now for it to be visible.

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1. My bowling team was the best team in the State of Georgia, shooting a combined 2,624


2. University of Arkansas Cornerback Michael Grant lives across the street from me.


3. David Greene went to my school


4. My dad used to do sports and news on 94Q and WQXI in Atlanta.


5. There are two Clarinet Players at South Gwinnett High School, and we are the two best.

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-Arachniphobic (sp?)

-Work at a DVD lab

-Probably the only coaster enthusiast in my city

-Still have my working Atari 2600 as well

-Also have SNES, NES, N64, Gameboy, Gameboy pocket, GB color, GBA, GBA SP, Gamegear, Genisis, Playstation (old gray one), Dreamcast, and Gamecube.

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1. I'm very flexible (Can put legs behind head, and walk with hands)


2. Won 1st place in Loudest Burp Contest in 8th grade


3. Got shot in the neck with a piant ball gun, and have scar


4. Collect Dvds, Cds, Coaster Games, State Quarters & My Receipts


5. Placed #15 out of 107 other 9th graders from other schools for the final cross country meet

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1. Australian and hate beer ( a heresy).

2. Not into video games (I prefer sport).

3. taught myself to read and write before I started school

4. Played pro sport in oz but I am not the jock type

5. I told people I read The Iliad by Homer because I thought Homer Simpson wrote it (I was joking, of course - I know it was really Bart).

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