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5 Intresting Facts about yourself


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^Holy crap, Lou has risen from the pile of men! (j/k Lou, welcome back, even if it is for a few moments)


1. I have gotten a PSP on Friday.

2. Homer is NOT short for "Homer-sexual", however, it is short for "Homer-sapien".

3. I enjoy Bill Cosby quotes from Family Guy or the Simpsons.

4. I have a weakness.

5. I think theme park souviners are too tacky.

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^^Let me guess what your Halloween cosutme is going to be..


Let me think of some stupid obscure things


1. I used to roleplay Vampire: The Masquerade

2. I was 1st clarinet in my college's Symphony Orchestra for 2 years

3. I'm scared of babies

4. I once dated a guy who turned out to be gay

5. I hate where I live. Oh wait, you already knew that.

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1) I only read political books.

2) I'm learning the middle levels of Maya and other C.G animation programs.

3) Halloween is and always has been my favorite Holiday.

4) I like green beans, like almonds. But cook them together and I'll probably puke.

5) Prefer older black and white movies to new ones.


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4. I once dated a guy who turned out to be gay


I'm sorry, I thought you and Derek were still dating!!!!




Love you both!

LOL Elissa... I don't quite know how to respond to that!


I once dated a guy who knew he was gay and cheated on me with men. Including a mutual friend of ours. Do I win?!

Ouch... you win!

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geez, that some serious stuff goin there....some people that do that stuff are just awful...


heres some stuff about me:


1. im mainly left handed but am ambidextrous


2. im a lead singer and guitar player for a band and a drummer for another.


3. i love to surf small Long Island waves. large waves freak me out.


4. i dig the summer but nothing beats wearing a jacket in the fall...


5. i like to rock The White Stripes while i work.

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1. With one exception. None of my Girlfriends where younger than me.


2.I have a Food Phobia against Cheese.(Can`t even Touch the Stuff.)


3. I can enjoy a hole evening in a Bar, without spending more than 5 Euros.


4.I find Ferris Wheels to be the most Scary Ride ever.


5.I`m a Hockey/Wrestling fan since i can Think. Started watching booth way to Early. Must be around the 3-4 Years old Mark.


EDIT: Extra Fact: Eventhought my English Sucks. I Still had the best English Grade of my hole Class. Hmmmmm GErman Schools Suck.

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BTW Nicole I don't dress up for holloween, however my friend and her boyfriend are being vampires, i'm letting her pretend to bite me.


1. Every girl I like has a boy friend

2. I'm a excellent artist

3. I suck at guitar

4. I think every religious idea is a joke, and laugh at religious jewish holidays (In my mind not physically)

5. When I die i'm turning into a vampire.

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1: I like Cedar Point so much!


2: Im really nice to people, even if they're mena to me.


3: I love hanging out with my friends


4: I have lots of favorite foods


5: Old movies are the coolest


Those are only 5 things about me, but since we're only supposed to post 5, I won't tell you the million other things about me!

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1. I have never dated somebody the same age as me, in fact I've been to six different HS Proms, one in 9th, two in 10th, one each 11th, 12th, and as a college freshman (the girl I was dating at the time was a year younger)


2. I play or have played numerous musical instruments, including piano, oboe, saxophone, guitar, bass guitar, violin, church organ (with the bass pedals) drum kit, mallet percussion, clarinet, flute, and steel drums (tenor pans)


3. I have met a few "famous" persons: Billy Idol, Pauly Shore, Dave Brubeck, Wayne Shorter, Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, and Brian May (Guitarist from the Rock megagroup Queen)


4. I have an overly sensitive nose, and usually pick up smells way before others do.


5. Everyone in my family (including my bride to be) has a name starting with the letter "J": My father, John; my mom, Janet, my brother Jeff, Me of course, my dog Jazzmine and my lovely better half Julia.


-James Dillaman

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1. Used to be extremely scared of roller coasters. Was practically forced onto Jaguar! by brute force in 4th grade against my will --- and I insisted on sitting in the middle section of the train. Or else.


2. Had a fascination and interest in sharks since I was a little kid.


3. Drink a lot of beer and smoke a lot of cigarettes.


4. Quick metabolism. I get hungry a few hours after a huge meal.


5. HATE country music.

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1. I once dated a guy who turned out to be gay.


2. I dislike chesse, unless it's with/in a bunch of other stuff


3. I know some words in several different languages, but I'm not fluent in any (except English of course). Those languages are Japanesse, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Cherokee


4. I'm a lazy health freak


5. I've had cancer

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1) i'm the Lead singer and lead keyboarder in a Symphonic Extreme Death Metal Band that goes by the name of Tosototomatot (dont ask how to prnounce or where the name came from)


2) i'm afraid of heights bhut still go on freefall towers and i plan to do the half mile bungee jump in New Zealand


3) i love moshpits!!!!


4) i love theme parks more than life (actually, thats a bit of an exaggeration)


5) i used to be really flexible, but cant seem to do anything now

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How do you pronounce that??? Where did the name come from???



1. Both of my printer cartridges are completely out of ink.

2. I didn't eat dinner last night because there was no food in the house.

3. I hate driving more than 2 hours by myself.

4. Tomorrow I get to make a 5 hour drive.

5. I got that dorky coaster calendar off the internet and this month's picture is Hydra at Dorney Park.

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