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5 Intresting Facts about yourself


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1: Born on September 21, 1995 @ 6:13 AM.


2: One of the first riders of Terminator Salvation: The Ride on GP opening day. (Probably one of the first 200-300 judging by the line)


3: I have more than 120 coaster credits.


4: I like Cherry Pie.


5: One of my favorite bands is the Red Hot Chili Pepper. Funny, I'm listening to one of their songs right now; Knock Me Down (Edit) from their 1989 album Mothers Milk.

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1.) Despite my preppy dress (polos, AE and A&F) and charming personality, I'm a punk at heart and have a very indie sense of culture and attitude. This throws people when they learn of the bands I like.


2.) The Matches are my favorite band. I love others too, but I grew up with them and I'm going to miss them now they're on hiatus...


3.) I'm an athiest but respect others opinions and beliefs.


4.) I have friends all across the US. My best friend/little brother I never had lives in FL, another close friend lives in CA, one in Chicago, one in NJ (but goes to college with me at UD), and I'm reconnecting with another one that's in up state NY.


5.) I've lived in 5 different states, been to 6 different schools (elem - HS), but still consider Ohio my "home".

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1) I used to deal Roulette, Blackjack and Poker in a casino.

(Stakis Regency and Stanley Gaming)


2) I've worked on the set of a soap opera.

(Coronation Street)


3) I declined to appear in an 'adult' movie.

(Casino manager asked me)


4) I completed a 40-hour coaster marathon.

(BPB's Big Dipper in 2000)


5) I collect park/coaster books and DVDs.

(I could bore you for hours)


Simon Baynham

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5 facts about myself (wow, this is gonna be hard):

1: I like to arm wrestle and I often win!

2: I graduated HS in the top 10%.

3: I made sure to get my ride on Diamondback this year .

4: A few years ago my house had a fire.

5: I will not let bad reviews or accidents stop me from riding a ride I want to ride.

I may come up with more.

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1. I've run the LA Marathon at age 15 (but slowly as I did not have good shoes)

2. I was fourth chair alto sax in the LAUSD middle school honor band a couple years ago

3. I've gone on 2 20+ mile bike rides this week

4. I have a scar on my chin from wiping out on my bike last November.

5. When I don't sleep enough, I tend to act like I'm high (even though I will NEVER do drugs).

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1. I love roller coaster photography as I have taken over 7,500 pictures at theme parks in less then a year.


2. Got stuck on Raptor for 30 minute at 12:30 am this spring at CosterMania...Then had to walk down from the MCBR


3. Rode Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit on the 1 first full day of soft-openings.


4. I think RC Cola is miles ahead of both Coke and Pepsi


5. I lived in Central Illinois for the first 23 years of my life, but had never been to Chicago before last year.

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1. I love cold mornings where you can see your breath in the air (and similarily the walk-in freezer at my work)


2. I've worked at both Knott's Berry Farm (circa 2006) and Six Flags Magic Mountain (circa 2007) as a ride op. Liked Six Flags ALOT better...


3. I play basketball for exercise and played in high school. I missed a buzzer beater that would have won a game and given me 40 points my senior year. I still got pitty tail...


4. I come off to a lot of people I meet as a jerk, but I'm actually pretty chill. I do admit I have a smart mouth and now that I'm getting older am getting a better control over it!


5. I live in Lynwood, California, which where I am am on the border of (across the street from) Compton. I live 17 miles away from Knott's and 48 miles away from Six Flags and still consider THAT my homepark, (though Disneyland at 27 miles away is growing on me)

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1. I really want to be a base jumper from iligal buildings, antenna's, cliffs.



2. I would love to work one season at Top Thrill Dragster



3, (age: 15) the best day of my life, when i work my ass out 1 year to go to Florida with my uncle, first ride on kraken was really really really nice.



4. i really like this: if it's rain very hard! i always like to see the people who running and biking outside in the heavy rain. when i am warm inside with coffee.



5. I hope i can get a house in de USA ..

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