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local radio stations

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What are your local radio stations? In SF we have stations like live105 which is an alternative station and 106.1 KMEL which is the cra... I mean rap statinion of the bay area. My fav is probably live105 (you can listen to it live at www.live105.com)

They play good music like muse and flogging molly. What are some stations where you are from? What is your fav? It would be cool to know

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I too like to listen to Live 105. but in the morning I listen to Free 92.3 from NY, online, my favorite "morning" The Doghouse, Elvis & Jv. They used to be on Wild 94.9 SF, got fired last year, and then went to Free 106.9 SF, then the the beggining of this year left for New York..


I miss those guys with their prank calls.

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let's see.


In connecticut I listen to


96.5 WTIC-FM (the best variety of the 80's, 90's and today) www.965tic.com


MIX 93.1 WHYN-FM www.mix931.com

Mix 93.1 is out of springfield...


in Maine I listen to


89.3 WHSN (Bangor's only alternative radio station on the campus of husson college)

B97.1 WBZN (I believe is the call letters)


101.3 WKIT (Stephen Kings radio station)


I can't remember what else I got on my pre-sets, but they're actually in order of priority of listening.

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The only local radio station I ever listen to anymore is Real Radio 104.1 (talk radio). I usually listen to the Monsters in the Morning, and the Hideout at night when Im coming home from practice.


Both shows are on XM, so I plan on getting that soon.


I never listen to the radio for music anymore.

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Lets see....


92.3 - Mix of everything. Rap, rock, country haha!


JAMN' 94.5 - Rap, Hip-hop


95.5 WBRU - Alternative - its run by a college in Rhode Island so they know what the kids like. And they have cheap date for concerts which are only like $7!


97.7 - also rap


106.3 - rap/hip-hop


94.1 HJY - Rock


107.9 - Also a mix of everything

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Listen to several stations....my FM stations...


98.5 "KFOX" - Classic Rock

107.7 "The Bone" - Hard Classic Rock & some New Rock

97.7/104.5 "KFOG" - World Class Rock


And then I listen to some AM stations usually just for certain events, Giants Games and Coast to Coast AM.


680 KNBR - Sports

560 KSFO - Talk (Coast to Coast AM at 10)

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Here in San Francisco, the only music stations I listen to regularly are college-radio outlets KUSF and KALX - spotty reception, but no annoying commercials, no playlist straightjackets, and (especially in the case of KALX) amazing depth and variety. If I need, say, an oldies or reggae fix, I'll listen to the corresponding Music Choice channel through cable.


KFOG does do amazing fireworks every May, though.

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