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  1. The Minneapolis flight (KLM 5165) is delayed and hasn't taken off yet...
  2. ^I thought Atlanta too (Due to takeoff time and elapsed flight time), but the only flight from TPA to ATL is still in the air...
  3. They actually wanted me to take my sunglasses off until I showed them I had a strap on it. They are very clear about "No Loose Articles"...and for a good reason! ^^^^^Very good, descriptive review. Even after experiencing Toro a TON this past weekend, I am still very excited for the possibility of getting out to HW later this year to try out Voyage.
  4. El Toro IS open! I got a ride in the front row! (Pictures taken after the public opening around 2pm today) The airtime is just hella crazy insane. The ops have been instructed to MEGA Staple EVERY rider because of it. The ejector air is so intense, I've never felt anything close! (Not even SROS) After the biggest pop of Ejector Air EVER on the passover of RT, the twister section FLIES through the first half and then slows down for the pull into the brakes. This thing is insane. Seriously.
  5. ^Unfortunatly, until the left side of RT opens, there is no "legal" way to take pics of the Twister Section. You can see it very well from GASM, RT and the Parachutes, but "No Cameras Allowed"...
  6. Yes that's my Camera Phone Pic from this morning. 5 hours later, it finally ran! I got to spend an hour talking with Ron Severt, GM of GAdv and Coastin' Steve as we waited for it to finally test! Also, LOVE the Video! I will have the High Quality pics up on GAdv later on. (Whenever Smugmug gets their server act together today!)
  7. I haven't had a problem with my Contacts on rides, except for KK's first row. The sheer amount of wind up there is insane! I'm sure the same would apply to any launcher in the front row... My eyes were watering like crazy and I swore they were going to fly out!
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