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local radio stations


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Local Radio Stations

94.9 - WKZC - Country - Plays a lot of older stuff

99.7 - WRQE - Soft Rock - Mainly listen to this station when they're all-Christmas in November and December, station located 70 miles from my location

101.5 - WMTE - "Classic Hits" - More like a Jack station; they'll play anything from David Essex to the Goo Goo Dolls and Cinderella to Green Day

103.5 - WTCM - Country - Long-running morning show, good country music, plays some legends


Satellite Radio

XM8 - 80's on 8 - Plays some deep stuff and the music is better than the crap today

XM17 - Prime Country - Plays mostly mullet country (better than some of today's country)

XM41 - Hair Nation - Plays a good mix of hard rock and power ballads

XM46 - Classic Vinyl - Good traveling music

XM49 - Classic Rewind - See 80's on 8, but plays harder rock instead of soft rock


I rarely ever listen to local radio anymore, but in my car which doesn't have satellite radio, my radio is set to 101.5.

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FM99 WNOR - Best morning show ever! Awesome music selection, but I mainly listen to the morning show. Rock & Metal

97.3 The Eagle WGH - Country station... Plays mostly Top 40 stuff

WAFX 106.9 The Fox - Classic Rock station

WPTE 94.9 The Point - Plays generic Top 40 stuff with some retro Top 40 stuff thrown in.. I change the dial when any of that teenybopper music comes on though.

106.1 US1106 - Country station - plays more music than the other Top 40 country station



Rock 107 - Northeast PA's Rock station... Since the former host of FM99's morning show moved from VA to PA, I took a listen

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The only local radio station I ever listen to anymore is Real Radio 104.1 (talk radio). I usually listen to the Monsters in the Morning, and the Hideout at night when Im coming home from practice.

I love those guys as well!


Also, I listen to 96.5, which is classic rock in Central Florida. And 102.7 for the John Boy and Billy show in the mornings, these guys are hysterical!

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I don't listen to the radio anymore, but several years ago my favorites were:


1. 92.3 KGON (classic rock)

2. 97.1 KISN FM (oldies)


And the "cool" stations, which I occasionally listened to, were Jammin' 95.5 and Z100 (hit music, so mostly pop & rap).


I used to sometimes listen to KGON practically 24/7. I don't even listen to all that much classic rock anymore, and hardly any oldies. Wonder how much I would recognize even today, and how much I never really paid attention to.

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When I go back home (in Connecticut), I always tune into the Rock 106.9 WCCC. They always play the best rock songs, the new rock songs, and they even dedicate days or weekends to classics from the 80s and 90s. They are always updating their Facebook page to include songs regular listeners may not have heard of, as well as posting funny pictures that promote interaction with the hosts. Speaking of, the hosts are hilarious. Every story they tell or every they guest they talk to is incredibly entertaining. The only downside is that the commercials are incredibly long, and I have a knack for stepping into my car just as they're finishing up the last song before the commercial break.

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Back in Detroit it was 101.1 WRIF. A good rock station and for 19 years it was all I knew, but i've noticed on the last few trips home that it's not what it used to be. Then I moved to Phoenix and discovered 97.9 KUPD the Big Red Radio. I will never look at rock stations the same again. There's nothing like having a group of dedicated DJ's who truly enjoy rock/metal for what it is and not being in it for the paycheck. They believe in old fasioned festivals and setting up their own concerts. Most staions now take a summer tour like Ozzfest and call it their own, KUPD will call bands directly and say "Hey, we're thinking about getting you and these other bands together for a show. You up for it?" and next thing you know there's a concert that is one of a kind. Example, three years ago they had a fest with a few local bands, Austrian Death Machine (their second show ever), Five Finger Death Punch, Ra, Theory of a Deadman, Tantric, the Deftones and Alice in Chains. Not to mention they have the best morning sho I've ever heard in Holmberg's Morning Sickness.

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93.1 JACK FM, it pwns all.





I live in New York and the only thing on the radio here is top 40 music, rap or easy listening crap. We finally got a country station a few years ago which I listen to sometimes but when I'm working I stream 93.1 Jack FM from California. We used to have a Jack FM here but it got replaced by another cookie cutter station so now I listen to 93.1.


I also like 1050 ESPN Radio and WFAN 660 if I'm in the mood for sports talk.

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I like 96.3 KTWIN in the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area. One of the few "variety" stations that actually is a variety of old and new music. I also listen to 92.5 KQRS for classic rock.


I also will take this time to admit that I like listening to talk radio. AM 1130 KTCN is enjoyable.

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