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Amazing water slides

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Anyone remember this ghetto water attraction?? I remember when I visited the Wet N Wild in Las Vegas with my folks and this was touted as a kid's attraction called 'Bubble Up'. Only problem was that the bubble was so slippery, the kids would get halfway up and then usually fall backwards into the pool, often hurting themselves in the process...or at least scaring the crap out of them! This thing was NUTS!!!


The lucky one's that managed to get to the top usually lost their footing pretty quickly and would end up falling and hitting the water face first with a resounding splash!


Even more funny to watch were the adults that would try to make it to the top, only to fall a$$ backwards, hit the bubble halfway down, and then hit the water on their backs or slam head first into the water. I saw one heavy set guy get thrown around on this thing and once he finally decided to call it quits, he had red welts all over his back and legs.


Of course, I had to try it and pretty much got the same results! I remember I was 14 at the time and both me and my father walked away from 'Bubble Up' feeling like we just got our a$$es kicked, even though we were laughing about how a park would put such an accident prone ride and then label it as a kiddie attraction!


It was pure fun and entertainment for anyone that loves to get hurt, or loves to watch other people get hurt!!! I am unsure if any of these things are still in operation at other Wet N Wild parks, but I would be amazed if there weren't lawsuits filed from kids being hurt on the slippery bubble!


I would bet that the girl in the orange bathing suit in the picture isn't going to be smiling when she ends up going face first into the water below!


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That is why the one at Wet N Wild Orlando you arent allowed to be over 13 and on that bubble thing, I remember climbing it, and it took me quite a while (I was 7) and I finally reached the top and was too scared to come down, that water was barely even a foot deep I swear!!!




This is the Brain Wash ride I mentioned earlier, it has these special effects inside that are so AWESOME, the lights swirl around the tornado part, and at the end theres a "special suprise!"




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^Oh my goodness, I almost flew off of regular waterslides before, I just know I would fly off of that thing!


I'm naturally aerodynamic when it comes to waterslides, I either go way too fast or I sit up and go way too slow.




I am very glad I started this thread, so many interesting things here. Nice to know TPR can do waterparks too.

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I found this on youtube its crazy insane once it starts picking up speed, and they start you by blasting water behind you!


A lot of older water slides started out like that...Schlitterbahn has a few that are like that in one of the sections of their park. I'm not really totally sure why a lot of old slides did that, however I would venture to say that it might just be due to the fact that it uses less water that way, instead of a steady stream, you use only what you need to send the rider to the bottom.


However that slide in the video looks pretty fun anyways. I was impressed with the ride time, it seemed to go on for a long time...something you don't see a lot these days.

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Apparently the looping slide is being tried again, this time at a park in Germany and is supposed to open later this year. It looks like a corkscrew/loop hybrid. From what I can gather, they have already tested it and right now the rider experiences 6G's going through the loop, however the company is going to change the loop so that the rider experiences 4-5G. Photo Credit


Looping Slide

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^^ I'm with you on that one. I could probably get myself in the line for it but thinking about it.. nah, not worth the risk of something terrible going on. Haha I always think of that Simpsons episode where Homer gets stuck in the waterslide, which I'd have to say would be one of the most terrifying experiences. AHaha then having other kids come down to break up the "cloggage".

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^^^ That looks wicked! And alot safer then the one at the other park. Though seriously, they shouldnt have that many Gs especially for a water slide. It looks like the bottom of the drop would give you some intense Gs on that pullout, Id extend it longer.


Anyone mention Summit Plummet?


Ive ridden it, I mentioned it earlier, though honestly its not great at all, I like the smaller speed slides, because this one is all hype, and its ALOT more painful then maybe a 70 FT one, I was almost in tears when I got of the first time, I came off and this kid was like OMG what happened to your back, and I was like What, and he went its all red and its scratched up. Never again will I ride it....

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I used to love summit plummet when I was working there...rode it at least once a day, however I preferred Slush Gusher (beside Summit). I have seen people go down head first on summit, as well as "jumping" off the top so they hit about 10 ft. down from the top of the slide. Anywho, can anyone confirm this...when I left Bliz the rumor was that they were going to put a speed gun at the bottom for guests to see how fast they were going. Any truth to that one?

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Along the lines of really awesome new things to put in slides such as the LED's are these 2 things. One uses a projector to place an image of whatever you want onto a waterscreen. It's actually really bright when you're looking at in from within the tube. I can see some people getting really freaked out by this. Only problem is these things are expensive!


The other one is solar powered LED's that shines images onto the slide. They are neat, not as expensive but nowhere near as cool.





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