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Amazing water slides

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^ I'm assuming that you're talking about the Wilderness Resort in the Dells. I really liked their enclosed Tornado because it felt like I was in a huge glass room. The end is what I'd imagine white water rafting would be like with the short drops and twists.


I also really like the speed slide at Wet n' Wild across the street from IOA. They have two really tall slides that are white. For one of them you stand inside a small capsule and the operator/ lifegaurd presses a button which releases the floor and sends you into the slide. The lifegaurd let my little brother press the button when I was riding, because he was scared to ride it. The lifegaurd usually did a three second countdown before pressing the button, but before he got to three my brother pushed the button and I went flying down the slide.

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It's an old school style, but the "Dragon's Tail" at White Water in Atlanta is great. You get some great speed and there's a lot of airtime on the second and third hump. I went back there a few years ago, after a 15 year absence, and man, I almost peed in the pool with the airtime!

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Heres a map of Mountain Creek. It looks like a fun waterpark & has some older attractions like the Tarzan swing. Where do you think that looping slide used to be? http://www.mountaincreekwaterpark.com/pages/attractions.html My guess is near the chairlift based on the photo of the slide. But I wonder where exactly? I hope to go to Mountain Creek someday. Nice rides!

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OK, I know we have all thought this at one time or another.."wouldn't it be cool if they made a water slide with a 360 degree vertical loop in it"


WTF they actually did. I have the picture but never rode it. I am not even sure if it ever opened, does anyone no more about this? It was located at Action Park in NJ. This picture was taken in June of 89.


One Rider...One Lawsuit...end of story...


Action Park, NJ

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At a waterpark a little ways from my town, at a place called wild mountain, there's a waterslide that is one of a kind (I think...)

You start at the top of a slide tower and you go into a small body slide and it goes plummeting towards the ground, and then you go underground, turn to the left, and then shoot out of the ground at probably around 20-30 MPH.

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^ The Black Hole


Hey, when I used to live in Minnesota, my family would take us to that water park (or should I say ski slope?) almost every summer. The Black Hole is the only slide there I would go on again and again!


We would try and hydroplane on that pool of water with our feet only. My friend hurt his back really bad. Ahh the memories!

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^^ That slide is awesome!!! Despite the back pain it causes on the turn, the drop is awesome. When going down, you are looking down into a black abyss since the tube is a green which allows light to shine through and the turn is underground.


It's a pretty ghetto water park, but certainly fun.



EDIT: Here is one of my pictures of the slide.


Taken 8/9/2005

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Mountain Creek Water Park, Vernon, New Jersey



Accident Park, as the locals like to call it. From what I understand, the reason why they had that slide was b/c Action Park didnt test build there rides. Coupled with that and irresponsible ride ops, that park was made for disaster.


I'm from Northern NJ...and although I was too young to enjoy the park, my brother had the pleasure.



They also had a tarzan swing of death where they had issues of people going into shock b.c it dropped you off in very cold spring water.


They had go carts (they called them indy cars) that you had to prove you were 18 + to drive b/c they went so fast that you can easily flip them over.

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