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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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tomowers the day I found on the dollywood website where the they metion it on the website its at the pines theter if any one is going I was up there the day anounsed wild wood so I wish I could be up there

Are you drunk?????

Hey now, that's insulting to those of us who can spell words correctly while drunk.

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How long would it take it get the park ready to re-open? I saw there were some glitches on opening day


Is it dependent on how long the park is closed?


I know that there is a lot of guesswork in any answer, but we’ve little else to do

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^Just speaking outta my butt here, so don't take this as expert opinion, but it should only take a few days to get the park ready to re-open from a shut down. However, that is all dependent on what actually shuts down. If parks are keeping their maintenance teams working through all this then from a rides/attractions stand point there really shouldn't be much of a delay.


Foods would be a big question mark. Re-stocking items that are perishable with possible supply chain delays. The park could re-open with limited food items that were frozen, burgers, fries, hot dogs, etc. Not the normal Dollywood fare. May be some delay on cinnamon bread!!


Team members still need to be trained, Dollywood has some advantage here with their team as the park is open more than your average seasonal park, but there would still be some time needed to hire, process and train new team members.


But I think a week of "prep" time would be sufficient for a park like Dollywood once things start to normalize. That's just a wild, un-educated guess. Could be less, could be more. But since they were already ready to open, there shouldn't be too much to bring back up to speed to re-open to the public.

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No mention of Sevier county or Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, or Gatlinburg.


They appear to not have authority like Knoxville and Knox County have. Unclear to what extent the Governor's order can be enforced. No new penalties or crimes defined.




Previously they were asking the State Health Department to issue orders, which may have more legal authority.


That said, I doubt DW would go against it. Smaller places might though.


Still it would be nice for them to update their page.

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If I was betting I would say no way Dollywood opens until April 6 minimum or maybe later. I am hoping they can beat the May 9 opening date of the dinner shows as you can keep more social distance out in an open theme park. We shall see. What a mess this stupid virus is!

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Dollywood will remain closed until at least May.

UPDATE: March 23, 2020


Based on daily changes in the status of the coronavirus pandemic and guidelines by the Centers for Disease Control we are delaying the opening of Dollywood and suspending the operations Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa as of March 24. Dollywood’s Smoky Mountain Cabins remains open at this time.


“The coronavirus crisis is unprecedented, and based on the ever-changing developments, we are constantly re-evaluating our options and hoping to open in May,” Craig Ross, Dollywood President said.


Ross continued, “We are looking daily at all of our options to present an exciting and entertaining 2020 season that is a great experience for our guests, but our first priority is the safety of our hosts and guests. .”


Dollywood will continue to watch the conditions within our region, consult with our medical experts and follow CDC guidelines to determine the re-opening date for the parks and resort. We will continue to communicate any additional changes as they occur.


For guests with resort reservations or tickets for this period of temporary closure, please contact 1-800-DOLLYWOOD for rescheduling information.


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May (or thereabouts), appears to be The Chosen Time Period,

parks all over the world, are considering re-opening in. An observation.


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I wonder if Trump wanting to get the country opened back up will speed up the decision? Either way, they missed their busy part of Spring already by missing out on Spring Break. The area is still slammed with folks right now with nothing to do. Hotels here at doing fine right now!


I just hope these closures won't cause more serious economic issues in the area. I know my employer is bleeding over 2 million every two weeks just on payroll and we don't have any income right now. Right now my employer is paying everyone but I know they won't be able to do it much longer


Regal Cinemas, who's HQ is also here, has already furloughed most of their employees. I'm not sure they will even bounce back from this, that business was already going downhill


A lot of the businesses in the area of Dollywood were already hurt by the Cade's Cove closure this winter so this isn't going to help


BTW, I'm not into politics and I'm not for or against our president, but I can see this issue causing a lot more than health concerns in our area and around the world.




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I just hope these closures won't cause more serious economic issues in the area.


I can see this issue causing a lot more than health concerns in our area and around the world.


I think the "cure" is going to prove worse than the disease.


I'm seeing zipline places announcing closure now. I've never seen groups larger than a dozen zipping, seems very low risk. Also don't see many old people there.


Yesterday was my cutoff the cancel/move my cabin reservation. Now I'm worried the national park is going to close if the trails before I get there Sat. They already closed the campgrounds and bathrooms.

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^ Oh, that's sad. Has he already proposed, now that the trip is cancelled? Maybe you could all conference phone (?) and figure out something else to do? Sorry, but it's just sad when these are the important things that get interrupted and/or cancelled, by this.... medical problem.

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