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Dollywood Discussion Thread

P. 796 - Ride closing 10/30 to remove launch and install chain lift!

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One thing to keep in mind here is that the cost of excavation for this site is going to be tremendous.


Take two examples:


B&M Wing Coaster Comparison

-X-Flight at SFGAm cost around $15 million.

-Wild Eagle was ~$20 million.

-You can argue that these two rides are similar in length, height, etc.

-The only differences are the excavation (little-to-none at SFGAm and moving a mountain at Dollywood) and themeing (Dollywood again with more $ here).


RMC Coaster Comparion

-Outlaw Run cost around $10 million.

-If Shot/Lightning Rod is rumored to be in a similar price-range as Wild Eagle, that could be around $15-18 million. The quote from Craig Ross (The Dollywood Company President) mentioned it being "ONE of the biggest single-attraction additions." If it indeed was THE biggest, I would assume that would be something he would have trumpeted at the time.

-Excavation alone for this project could be in the $4-5 million price range, putting the new ride itself at a similar price tag to Outlaw Run (or a bit higher).


I just wanted to pull everyone back to reality (especially those saying it will break numerous world-records). I wouldn't be surprised to see a launched coaster here - and that would be a world-record in itself - but to say it will be the tallest, longest, fastest, etc. is a bit of a stretch.


I completely agree. "One of the biggest" =/= "The biggest", I don't believe this coaster will cost anymore than Wild Eagle did. I fully believe that this will be the worlds first launching coaster, and it will most likely beat Thunderhead as the longest in the park, but I don't think there will be any other records outside of that. I'm still a firm believer that this coaster won't even invert! Great post, let's keep things realistic! Even without any world records outside of the launch, this coaster still has potential to be Top 5 in the world!!! I can't wait for next Friday!


I did some searching, and the actual quote by Pete Owens was "in the same price range as Wild Eagle". Just search "Pete Owens" in this thread to read the full quote. Rather it is a little more or a little less than Wild Eagle, you are still talking a substantial ride, so it really doesn't matter.


So basically, we've exaggerated his statement here. As Brad stated, if it was the largest, he would've said it was, not said "same price range." But you are right, it doesn't matter the cost. I just hope most people aren't disappointed that it won't beat the Beast or Goliath at SFGAm statistically. I believe this coaster has the potential the to be the best in the country. Airtime? Terrain? Launching? Smooth? RMC? All ingredients for a perfect wooden coaster recipe!!

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Yeah I think it's pretty safe to say it will be around $20 million due to Wild Eagle. Also, keep in mind both quotes where over a year ago so price might have even went up due to materials and labor possibly costing more (price might go down a little as well)


Either way, even with groundwork you are looking at a coaster that will probably cost $5 - 8 million more before they have to do the groundwork.. That's about 50 - 75% more than outlaw run and still saves money for the groundwork... $15 million and then 5 million for ground work can build a nice coaster..

In a way I think groundwork at Dollywood would be easier and cheaper because I remember seeing some where that when they built Outlaw Run they had to cut through rock!

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It is probably safe to say that RMC's costs have gone up a little since Outlaw Run. Prototypes are usually cheaper because parks are taking a major gamble when purchasing something for the first time.


Now that two have been installed and are successfully running w/out issues, supply and demand for all their coaster types have boosted price a little. But there are many factors that will have prices fluctuating.


Here are just a few:


- Supply/Demand

- Launch type

- Terrain work

- Theming

- Discounts (possibly) for return customer (Herschend)

- Height/length

- Track elements


We could go on and on for days. But for a price tag that big, I'm sure that this ride will impress. People loved Outlaw Run, but said it could have been longer, so Herschend probably will address those comments the second time around.

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People loved Outlaw Run, but said it could have been longer, so Herschend probably will address those comments the second time around.

Not necessarily. Silver Dollar City is in a different market with likely a slightly different clientele than Dollywood. Outlaw Run is the only wooden coaster that Silver Dollar City has, so they had the figurative and literal room to make any kind of layout they wanted. Dollywood has to design a wooden roller coaster that provides a very different ride experience (beyond the rumored launch) than Thunderhead, so that the coasters don't cannibalize each other - kind of like Phoenix vs Twister.


A "longer Outlaw Run" would be awesome, but don't think that that's exactly what they're going to do just because Silver Dollar City did it, regardless of the fact that they're both under Herschend's umbrella.

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^ Exactly. People seem to forget that the parks are VERY distant from each other (especially Northeasterners). Missouri and Tennessee border each other, sure, but Pigeon Forge is on the eastern edge of Tennessee and Branson is in the southwest corner of Missouri. They're over 10 hours apart. I know a few people around here who make annual trips to Pigeon Forge, but for the most part there's not much crossover. I doubt very many people in each area really follow what goes on at the other park.


That said, they could just clone Outlaw Run and the Dollywood clientele would probably be happy, since many of them would not have ridden the original. For the longest time, the Herschends did just that (Flooded Mine, Fire in the Hole/Blazing Fury, WIlderness Waterboggan/Mountain Slidewinder). They're getting away from that, though, and letting each park have unique rides. Even when they do buy a second ride of a particular type, it has theming elements that make each unique (River Battle/River Blast, Giant Barn Swing/Barnstormer). So I look forward to seeing how the new RMC turns out. I think it will have some similar elements to Outlaw Run but overall will be its own unique experience.

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^Yep, Northeasterner here. I have been to Dollywood years ago, but never to SDC, so I just assumed that they were somewhat close.


I think that I misworded my earlier post a little bit when I said "a longer Outlaw Run". What I really meant was that instead of just cloning it and slapping a possible launch on while lengthening it, was that Herschend would take the reception from the ride, and use it to help design the new coaster. They would kind of get a feel for what people like and what they think could change.


Although they are two separate parks with what will be two separate designs, their will always be some things that people will always enjoy. For instance, if people liked the inversions, this model might include them too but with different elements. With that being said, I think that a mix of terrain elements, a launch, inversions, etc. will make something that has the same thrill aspect as Outlaw Run, but be different enough from Thunderhead that it will be possibly the most popular attraction at the park.

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^ HFE are very responsive to guest feedback, so you can be absolutely certain they'll be taking the feedback from Outlaw Run into consideration. But they know their own guests and will be considering what the Dollywood clientele want above all else. HFE have done really well by mostly ignoring what goes on in the rest of the industry and doing what makes them special.

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DreamMore Resort has its first official non-employee guests staying today, with the official opening on Monday. We stopped by the resort yesterday to check it out and were completely blown away...Dollywood looks like they went all out on this and the level of detail is amazing! We spent a full two hours just walking around inside and exploring the grounds outside. Check out the pictures below!


There are butterflies hidden everywhere!



Team members were still cleaning up the walkways, putting down mulch, and finishing everything up in the gardens around the pool area, but everything is nearly complete!



This is the fountain that spills into a stream that runs by the pool...not running yet but still beautiful!



Dolly's rocking chairs are everywhere, just begging you to stop and sit for a few minutes.




This is the view from the 6th floor elevator lobby windows.



This awesome photo of Dolly is one of the first sights visitors will see in the lobby as they arrive.



The front desk features a beautiful moving painting behind it that changes scenes every few minutes...just beautiful!




The snack shop and bakery area was a nice surprise that I didn't know was being added. Also exciting to find out all coffee at the resort is Starbucks!




This is the meeting room hall...loved the prints of the national park on all the walls!




As stated before, the level of detail on everything is amazing...you'll realize it when you find the raccoon and deer tracks pressed into the concrete around the pool area.


Some of the rooms feature small patios that overlook the pool area and gardens.





Overall...I'm super excited to stay here and believe Dollywood has really hit the ball out of the park with DreamMore. I can't wait to see what other resorts show up in the next few years on Dollywood Resorts Boulevard! :)




There's a nice splash area for the kids...

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Nice pics of DreamMore!


To go with that, here's the list of benefits of staying at the resort...the free timesaver pass for Dollywood is a great one:


-Complimentary TimeSaver Pass at Dollywood – Reserve access at select Dollywood rides, shows and attractions. This can save you a lot of time by not having to wait in lines on the most popular rides. This is up to a $25 value per person!

-Early Saturday Entry – Get into Dollywood Theme Park and Dollywood’s Splash Country early on Saturday mornings before the parks open to the rest of the public!

-Complimentary Door-to-Door Transportation – Ride a convenient resort shuttle to Dollywood and Splash Country.

-Exclusive Entrance – Use the special resort guests-only entrance at Dollywood parks to avoid long lines.

-Complimentary Package Delivery – If you purchase merchandise at Dollywood or Splash Country, you can have it delivered directly to your room at the DreamMore Resort for free!

-Resort perks – Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, exclusive resort entertainment & dining experiences, and complimentary resort parking.


Also, they don't advertise it heavily on the website, but if you're a Gold or Super season pass holder, you can get a pretty good discount on the nightly rate at DreamMore.

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As previously mentioned, Dollywood's DreamMore Resort officially opened today. Below is a press release from Dollywood:


PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (July 27, 2015) – The Dollywood Company’s most anticipated project to date, Dollywood’s DreamMore ResortTM, opens its doors Monday, July 27, creating a new chapter in the famed company’s 30-year history.


Fittingly, Dolly Parton’s dream of adding a resort to the fun and excitement of her Smoky Mountain theme park offerings comes true during Dollywood’s 30th anniversary season.


“Seeing DreamMore Resort open really is a dream come true for me,” Parton said. “It brings me back to when my whole family would get together on the front porch catching up and swapping stories. I want families to spend the day experiencing the fun of our parks, then come to this beautiful resort to spend time together making even more family memories!”


“Everyone at The Dollywood Company has greatly anticipated our opening day since this project was announced in August 2013,” said Kevin Osborn, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort’s general manager. “Countless people have put so much heart and effort in to this beautiful resort; to see it standing and ready to welcome visitors fills us all with an amazing feeling of accomplishment. We’re ready to help our guests make family memories they’ll share for a lifetime.”


Thanks to unique Dollywood park privileges—including free transportation to both Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country, front-of-the-line access at Dollywood with a free TimeSaver pass for each guest, early Saturday entrance for guests at Dollywood, and much more—Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort is the ideal location for guests seeking a fun-filled Smoky Mountains vacation destination.


The spectacular guest arrival experience includes an impressive fountain inspired by Parton’s Dream More book and a stately porte-cochère that offers a hint of the beauty visitors find inside. Families then are greeted by the resort doorman who is ready to entertain and delight the property’s newest guests. Upon entering the magnificent lobby, guests are welcomed with an unparalleled view of the Great Smoky Mountains through the resort’s extraordinary three-story-tall picture windows. The ceilings are painted a warm blue that perfectly suits the atmosphere guests of Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort enjoy throughout their stay.


The resort closely mirrors the experience found at Dollywood, the three-time winner of Amusement Today’s World’s Friendliest Theme Park. Live entertainment offerings throughout the year allow visitors to enjoy quality programming during their stay, while Song & Hearth, the resort’s farmhouse-inspired restaurant, provides delectable home-style dishes served up with a side of Southern hospitality for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Guests are encouraged to spend time laughing and creating memories in this welcoming family environment. Through unique amenities like storytelling spots, kid’s play areas, an event lawn and porches lined with rocking chairs, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort becomes the perfect setting for truly connecting with loved ones. Premium facilities including indoor and outdoor pools, landscaped gardens, and spa offer fun for every member of the family. Beautiful meeting space for groups, special events and family reunions adds another unique facet to this amazing facility.


Additionally, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort’s close proximity to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the most visited national park in the country, allows guests the opportunity to explore the park’s beauty via its plentiful hiking and biking trails, auto tours, wildlife viewing areas and educational programs.


For reservations at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort or to find more information about all of the family-friendly resort amenities, visit http://www.dollywoodsdreammore.com or call 1-800-DOLLYWOOD.


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Looks like Dollywood has blown away expectations once again! DreamMore looks even better than Universal's recent resorts in my opinion.


I hope the high rates don't keep the guests away as I've seen a ton of complaints about the rates on their Facebook page. I hope to visit the resort next season when I'm down there to ride the new RMC.

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DreamMore is no more expensive than other nice hotels in the area.. Sure it cost more than the Best Western, Motel 6 and those type in the area.. But its on par with the other nicer hotels


I guess people expect it to be Motel 6 price ha-ha

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Looks nice, but as an adult I'd much rather prefer one of the area's phenomenal secluded cabins. I guess I could see staying here if you're just dropping in the area for a night or two, but other than that the cabins would be hard to pass up.

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Being local to the area I never stay in hotels either.. I might do wilderness of the smokies during the winter just for the water park but thats it..(Their $99 specials are always the cure for winter blues) Now cabins on the other hand my friends and I have rented them several times!! We love all pitching in and getting a 4 or 5 bedroom cabin with a pool table and hot tub!!


So I agree, I'd probably never stay at DreamMore but I love Dollywood cabins (or other cabins in the area)

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I posted this a bit ago but I think it got lost in the talk about the new coaster. Does anyone have any recomendations for a good cabin? This is the first year I'm staying at one and there is so many options I wanted to see if anyone here knows of a great one to stay at for 2 couples.My biggest priority is a great view of the mountains and/or the park. Also it must have a hot tub Thank you in advance.

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I posted this a bit ago but I think it got lost in the talk about the new coaster. Does anyone have any recomendations for a good cabin? This is the first year I'm staying at one and there is so many options I wanted to see if anyone here knows of a great one to stay at for 2 couples.My biggest priority is a great view of the mountains and/or the park. Also it must have a hot tub Thank you in advance.




We have used this rental company about 5-6 times and have always had a great experience. Their prices are typically on the lower side than other companies, too. They have cabins throughout the area for whichever location you prefer.

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Both of those cabin rental suggestions look awesome. As much as I want to just get up to Dollywood already, I feel like it would be a mistake to not wait until next year with their 2016 project opening up hopefully.


DreamMore looks incredible, thank you for the pictures! Everything about it screams "mountain getaway" to me.

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