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  1. Does anybody know what the deal is for the week of November 8th-11th. Christmas in the park doesn’t start until the following weekend. Is it still fright fest? Is the whole park going to be open? And is there any particular reason it is open during the week at that time? It seems like an odd time for the park to be open so I was thinking of going. Thanks for he help!
  2. I am thinking of taking my first trip to Valleyfair! I’m in SD for work and haven’t ridden a coaster all year so I need my fix! Having never been there I am unsure of how busy the park can get. I am going to go on the 4th, during the evening. Anyone here been to the park on July 4th know how busy it gets? Or how busy the park gets on a regular busy day. Not sure if I’ll go if everything is 1+ hour wait. Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. I live in upstate New York and drive 14 hours twice a year to go to Dollywood. Leaving to come down Thursday morning, can't wait! Cades Cove is a must in the GSMNP. The Chimneys and is also awesome place in the park to see the MTN's. I have made the run up to clingmans dome a couple times before. I wasn't sure if the Cade's cove loop was worth it but I will def check it out this trip. Thanks a bunch. The thing holding me back from exploring the parks hiking trails is that we can't bring our puppy with us. I was so excited when we brought him down last year to go hiking but we couldn't. Do any locals know of any non national park hikes in the area we can bring him with us. We love hiking with him.
  4. I live in upstate New York and drive 14 hours twice a year to go to Dollywood. Leaving to come down Thursday morning, can't wait!
  5. ^ I remember Pete saying that on a podcast a few years ago. That also being the hardest part about expanding into the train loop on top of the hill.
  6. I think Tony is messing with us. I'm hopeful for 2017 but we shall see, the more days that goes by without an announcement the less optimisic I am about 2017.
  7. That's the boat I was in. I was all bundled up going up the lift on Nitro thinking "I can't believe I'm doing this". I was mildly looking forward to Joker as I've never ridden a 4d before but I was purely going for Nitro.
  8. I did a little science experiment at GADV yesterday. They had a blood drive at the park that I participated in, they were offering a free ticket and I haven't made it to GADV this year so I figured why not. Nitro has never given me issues with grey/blackouts and I wanted to see how blood donation would affect it, if at all. Everything was normal until I was re riding, then I was greying out going through the helix which never happens to me before. So moral of the story, if your susceptible to blackouts don't donate blood right before going to the park. Well I guess you didn't need me to tell you that it's pretty obvious, just wanted to share an interesting observation I had that that was relevant.
  9. At least the right ride was open. I got my Nitro fix and got 10 rides in on her yesterday. Not only are the weather be damned but they also are the park that allows re rides these days. 8 rides in a row at night when it was 30 degrees?? Pure bliss.
  10. I see on coasterqueue all the coasters are closed. Did it finally get too cold or has nobody updated it. It's only saying 32 and I know I rode nitro at 32 last year. Just on the fence about going tomorrow cause I won't be able to get there until around 4.
  11. Not knowing the details it's hard to know.If it was just some kids who did it on accident then I don't think it would be right to charge them with murder. However there were multiple warnings to not have any open flame, I suppose it does really come down to the age of the kids and the details surrounding it. That being said, I can't lie and say that if I lived there and lost my home or god forbid my family I wouldn't want them to get the electric chair. It's just a really awful situation all around, one of the Dollywood employees lost his wife and two childeren. Devestating doesn't even begin to describe this situation. These kids who are charged also have families that I imagine would be devastated if they were convicted of murder because they played with matches on the wrong day at the wrong time. We can only speculate until more details are released. I really love this area and have met many wonderful people at Dollywood and the surrounding area, my wife and I got married in Pigeon Forge and hope to move there someday. This disaster is just awful and I have the people I've met down there in my thoughts all the time.They will rebuild better and stronger in memory of those lost.
  12. With what seems to be a success at Six Flags with Holiday in the Park. Does anyone think Cedar Fair may follow suit at Cedar Point, or is the winter weather just too much in Sandusky? With Cedar Points operating schedule only being from May-Oct it is among the shortest of major amusement parks. I would guess with all the hotel renovations they would want them to be open as much as possible. They could decorate breakers for the holidays and have hot chocolate at the fire pits out back. Even if only a few coasters were open I would probably make a trip out as long as there was one good one open. Maverick seems to run well in cold and high wind situations. Opening week 2015 it was the only coaster open when there was 50 MPH winds and 45 degree temps. Any thoughts? I would love it.
  13. How much are those hard ciders? If their at least semi strong I'd pay 12 bucks for one. I feel a little buzz would compliment the relaxed nature of HITP well and they look delicious.
  14. This was the first year in 10 that I had not got a SF pass. I was looking on the website and saw that if you give blood at the blood drive on Sunday the 11th you receive a free ticket. I was thinking of headed down because I miss Nitro very much. The preliminary forecast calls for it to be around 43 when the park opens, does anyone know what the temperature policy is for the coasters? Nitro specifically, it wouldn't really be worth the drive down if Nitro is not open. Last year I know I rode it and it was 31 degrees out at night. Thanks a bunch.
  15. All I know is I can't wait for winter chill out this year. When is that info released? Or has it been already?
  16. ^same, had to do it this year when I misplaced my gold pass at the cabin during lunch. They just looked at the receipt and sent me on my way.
  17. ^ 1. The best hotel I have found in the area is the Clarion Inn on Parkway. When I stayed (nov)it was only 70 bucks a night and was a really nice hotel, very much worth the step up from the 40-50 dollar hotels in town. They had a really good breakfast where they made omelets cook to order. When you factor in how much you would spend on breakfast for a family it pays off to have a good breakfast at the hotel. There is also an indoor pool and hot tub, I believe even a water slide outside but it was too cold for it to open when I was there. 2. If you want to do shows during your day there then it is well worth it. The ability to reserve a show and just go there when it starts is a big advantage as you usually have to wait in line. If your just going for the rides it's debatable. It will come in handy for Mystery Mine and Firechaser. As of last week Lightning Rod was not on timesaver, if it is next year then I would recommend getting it. Even when all other rides were a walk on a couple weeks ago lighting rod was still 45 min. 3. It really doesn't matter. It's probably the shortest route to go up by WE/TT first and then work your way down to thunderhead. But you can go the other way also. 4. I prefer front on Thunderhead, better airtime. The other rides it really doesn't make much of a difference. They are all great in any row. The front on Mystery Mine is better because you can see all the theming better, but they assign which row you go to so it's out of your hands. Same for Lighting Rod, it is great in any row. I got front, back, and middle and they were all fantastic, with the front having a slight edge. I would recommend to try to hit Wild Eagle on the left side during sunset (front if you can) the view from the top of the lift is stunning. Hope you enjoy your time, Dollywood is one of the few parks I would recommend to not go in with a set plan and just enjoy the day. You will be able to get on all the coasters no problem. I much prefer the quality over quantity approach they have to their coasters. There is not a dud in the bunch. Edit: to clarify I mean the left side of Wild Eagle how it's orientated in relation to the track, not which direction you go in when the queue splits.
  18. Yikes, for anyone who has been there this is quite a surprise with how many hotels are in the area. Luckily even if the park is super busy the rides usually don't have too bad of waits. Last year I believe I had to park in splash country because everything else was full and the coasters were still reasonable. I'll be there all week, Thursday and Saturday is the days I'll be at the park all day. I can't recommend their time saver enough. It is well worth the 30 (?) bucks per person. Hopefully it hasn't gone up. I can't wait to be down there!!!! Leaving tonight.
  19. Oh man, this is such great news! I cannot wait to get some laps in next Thursday hopefully.
  20. I'm sure it doesn't mean anything, but the banner on the top of Dollywood's website that stated "Lightning Rod is closed today" is not on the website anymore. The optimist in me hopes that it is because it is set to open back up this Saturday. I am going to be going to the park next Thursday-Sunday and hoping I can get a ride in after gandering at its beauty in March.
  21. Fall could also be referring to the time of year. If it is a new festival in October it could be that also. A drop tower would fit well into the park though.
  22. Yea we have had them turn them down on a regular basis. We once got yelled at by a park employee walking by the ride . It really does depend on the op at the time. I haven't been there too much this year but they seemed to be getting more strict with it the past couple years.
  23. No problem. They did not require any proof of vaccines, There was just a question on the sheet asking if they have been vaccinated or not. Due to this I was happy he had the kennel cough vaccine, never know what's going to be there. It was 15 dollars per day. They open an hour before the park opens, and you have until an hour after the park closes to pick them up. Gave us enough time to ride MF a few times at the end of the day and still have enough time. The pet check is pretty close to the marina entrance so we used that to go in and out of the park. Overall I was pretty happy with the experience. It's just one of those things you can't quite tell how your dog is going to be until you do it. Like I said it was terrible the first day hearing him crying as we were leaving. He did get used to it though and it made the second day a lot less stressful for us, the second day we left one of my hoodies that I had been wearing in the kennel with him, not sure if it helped or he was just more used to the surroundings. It sure did beat trying to find overnight boarding at home and being nervous the whole time we were away, and if anything happened we would have to drive all the way home.
  24. Yea there's two in the area so make sure it's the Rye Beach one because I can't say how the other one is. Motel 6's quality seems to vary greatly from place to place. We stayed in one in Pigeon Forge , we had one of the worst experiences ever and checked out 2 hours after checking in.The one near CP wasn't the ritz but it definitely was better than some of the hole in the wall places near CP we have stayed at before. It was clean and close. The only complaint I had was the pillows sucked, so bring your own pillows
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