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  1. I am much more of a lurker here on TPR, but I felt the need to tell you how gorgeous those photos are! Thanks for posting them, they are some seriously impressive shots!
  2. Hulk publicly soft opened tonight at (from what I can collect) around 6ish. Pictures of the queue interior look really solid!
  3. I would definitely suggest two days. Both HP sections are worth exploring for a few hours, so it'd be tough to experience everything in a day. Not to mention the park hours are a bit shorter compared to summer.
  4. Impressive addition for Ocean City! Definitely will put them on the map for thrill seekers who usually just drive the extra 30 miles to Wildwood.
  5. Wow! I never realized how close to the water Comet really was. Did it run better than it does at Great Escape? As for me, I have always been interested in Rocky Glen Park in Moosic, PA. My family is from the Scranton area so this was the place to go when they were growing up. The park seems to have a interesting history of vandalism, arson, and business fall-outs.
  6. Awesome TR! I really enjoyed my visit to SeaWorld San Diego when I went a few years ago. I was also surprised by how much I enjoyed Manta as it really does pack a punch for a coaster that looks pretty tame.
  7. I think it is really tough to beat Demon Drop out for "best drop in the park". I absolutely love that ride.
  8. That is actually good to hear that the lines at Dorney do get long. ^Almost every trip I have made to the park, the longest line is a maximum of 20 minutes on the dry side of the park. The waterpark gets pretty crowded almost every day during the summer. I just posted a photo TR on my blog if you are interested in checking it out. Any new updates on Stinger? The last time I went to the park the yellow belt was still around the front of the train in the station.
  9. Well that is awesome. That really is a crazy increase in attractions at the park!
  10. I really like these models. I think Whirlwind/Steel Dragon are excellent rides. Throw in some awesome theming and make it dark and you got yourself a pretty awesome coaster. Plus it'll bring people back to the Midway America area, which we all know is in need of some attendance.
  11. Damn... I really thought we were going to get something more concrete. I do think it looks like a set of multiple tower rides, though. Should be awesome to see what the new design is that makes it so "revolutionary".
  12. I am in agreement that Kingda Ka is best ridden in the front. The launch is powerful, but nothing has come close to the Air Compressed Launches on S&S Coasters. I have only gotten on Hypersonic XLC and that launch was so intense/painful. I think the official stat was 0-80mph in 1.8. I can't even imagine how Dodonpa is... yikes.
  13. For a park I have sometimes heard be referred to as "ghetto"... Lagoon looks really, really nice. What ride would you compare that ejector moment on top of Wicked to? Are we talking Skyrush or El Toro. Thanks for the awesome TR.
  14. Steel 1. Intimidator 305 2. Millennium Force 3. Leviathan Wood 1. El Toro 2. Outlaw Run
  15. I am pretty sure the "Bellyaching and Moaning" comment is a hint towards B&M, as is the final hint by Leah. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.
  16. Paula has been messing with us for a loooonnngg time now. Check out today's blog post, it is torturous.
  17. I personally think that hiding the track would be a waste of time/money. I doubt HW would do that just to delay what is going to happen in a week anyway.
  18. ^ For what it's worth, the two pictures yesterday fit perfectly together side by side. I couldn't find anything worthwhile though.
  19. ^Your guess truly is as good as ours. The only reason I would think it would not be a rapids ride is because of those "shredded documents" that were sent out that were found to be a small part of the "blueprint" of what appeared to be a steel coaster. This could all just be HW sending us on a wild goose chase, but that is one of the best pieces of the puzzle we have received so far. I also personally feel that their most recent additions are more than enough for the "water" side of the park. Mammoth and Wildebeest are absolutely awesome as I'm sure you know. I'm sorry to hear about your stroke, by the way ... I hope you are feeling better.
  20. ^I was thinking more towards the middle. It's almost like bubble letters. The leg of the "3" is right below where you have "pen" written on the left image.
  21. I think this is the first picture that I feel like I might actually be seeing something that is meant to be there and not just in my head. If you take the image and "Stretch" it vertically, I can see a somewhat clear "13" right smack dab in the middle which is a reference to Alton Towers' coaster obviously. I feel like this along with the analysis that some of you have been providing is pushing me more towards a Verbolten-esque ride (which would be awesome). If someone can confirm that they see the 13, too, that would be great because I am beginning to lose my mind with this campaign. P.S. I feel like the image is easier to look at if you invert the colors. Double P.S. Paula just said she likes numbers...oh man we are on to you haha.
  22. ^^I also think there is some hidden text or message in that picture, too. Look at the back right part of the object and it looks like there is a "T" followed by two letters. Then on the bottom right on the plank of wood there looks to be something, too. Hmm....
  23. Yeah 1/3 is definitely referring to the fraction in this case. I also want to point out that if you re-arrange some of the pieces of planks you can vaguely see the outline of what looks like a wing. This made me think that maybe those "arms" we saw at the bottom of the picture may actually be the legs of a bird. I couldn't really make out a bird shape though with the different planks. How about all the different clubs who received the shredded paper? Any updates on that? Paula, do you want to send some paper my way?
  24. Anyone think today's hint is pointing towards trick track? Or (imagination got the best of me) the ride may feature trains like SDMT that sway back and forth to mimic the journey to the New World? Or is it just simply a way of saying we go upside down? That picture from yesterday is just extremely suspicious. I have been splitting the planks into pieces and trying to rearrange but I can't quite find anything. I have even tried moving some of those pieces into the face of the dog and vice-versa. I'm not sure if anyone else sees this, but to me there is a very distinct "block" in the middle of the dogs face and at the very top plank of the hull. It looks edited. It's killing me.
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