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Photo TR: Flamingoland Zoo & Construction


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Decieded to meet up with a couple of friends and check out the Zoo and the building work for the new Vekoma SLC, Kumali.


The view as I entered the car park. Kinda strange without Bullet & Magnum Force, but I'm still impressed!


Only 2 months to go now!


The Zoo area is getting a new 'family' attraction as well.


Ooh arr! And this be it!


A new parrot show complex is getting built a well.


Back to Kumali shortly, but first...




Aww, lots of furry little rodents.


They maybe cute, but these Meerkats are X-rated!


Tigers. They're grrreat!


This one just stuck its tongue out at me.


Then they got bored...


...and went for a stroll


The giraffes weren't upto much either.


They just stayed indoors...


...or smelled a zebra's butt.


The ostriches looked even more bored.


Talking of butts...check these guys!


It was a quiet day quiet in primate land.


Even tree climbing wasn't much fun today.


Don't worry, I hadn't forgot about the real reason I came!




Stay tuned for part 2, coming soon!

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Nice photos, Tom! I love meerkats!


One question - how is Kumali different from other SLCs out there?


For the first few months it'll be pretty smooth!


The layout is a bit different to the standard one, but it's still a duplicate of another ride in China called Shenlin - http://rcdb.com/ig1681.htm?picture=1


Ok, time for part 2!


The ride is really starting to dominate the area.


Even on a Saturday, they were still busy putting up more supports.


The Cobra roll is the next section to be put up.


They were going at great pace to finish this bit today.


Man in a white hardhat secures the crossbeam.


And another guy does the same at the other end.


There's only so much of a building site that I can take, so here's a few other shots mixed in.


Here's the raised section of the Lost River from a distance.


And here's most of Velocity, again from a distance.


And here's the new kid on the block! From a distance, of course.


And here's one for Derek!


And since it's gonna be smooth for a few months, the planning guys were nice enough to build the first drop right along the ground to give your legs something to think about!


But this update wouldn't be complete without the Lions themselves. These two were eyeing up the dogs that started barking at them through the perspex window.


This one was checking out how to get out of the enclosure. "If a monkey can escape, well so can I!"


Good job those walls are about 20ft tall. That's a mean lean killing machine when it's hungry.


The King himself didn't let me get any good photos of him, so this was the best shot I got. Stupid window glare!


And for a parting shot, this is the former site of one of the two Sckwarzkopf loopers. Magnum Force, we hardly knew ye!

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The pictures look very nice and I love going to zoos, so how is this park really. Is it pretty nice?


It's gradually turning into a full blown theme park, but it used to be a very tacky fairground attraction affair. Not in a totally bad way, I have a lot of good memories before the change of image, but it was no Disneyland.


They've still got a lot of work to do, but it's a lot less tacky than it used to be. The have a lot of space still to use, and I bet that a few of the old rides will be removed to make more room for newer ones. The park has removed at least 7 rides in the past 3 years, including 3 coasters.


The food is the biggest concern for me. They really need better places to eat and drink!

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Sorry, but those are some of the worst colors I've seen on any coaster
Why?, it could have been worse it could have been green and orange.


Hopefully Magnum Force and Bullet end up at the bottom of the North Sea, they where so

rough last year. Hopefully now they will get the woodie.

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