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  1. It's sad to see it burn, one thing I did notice on one of the pictures was the old wild mouse track and cars! not sure why they where there it looks like the old mine ride from Southport. Owen
  2. Not been on a flat ride for some time but one of my favourites is a Speed Flip made by Moser.
  3. I will miss the updates but you are doing the right thing you are there to enjoy the trip as much as everyone else so go and enjoy!.
  4. age 37, first coaster I rode was the Reel at Blackpool, closely followed by the Grand National not sure how old I was
  5. "There are 2 more potential cliƫnts in Europe" Flamingo Land and Alton Towers? http://www.owen-john-landscapes.co.uk/
  6. I can't help but think that putting the Traumatizer there is just a waste of space. They would have been better putting it where the Vikingar was, and saving the logflume space for something new.
  7. Becouse hypers don't have inversions and aren't made of wood! And i know that hypers are supposed to be over 200ft, but except for the height, EGF and Goliath fit perfectly into the definition of a hyper coaster, plus Intamin itself calls it a "hyper coaster" so it mus be one! If you can't accept that then at least accept them to be a sort of "mini hyper", and we're counting them in this race becouse otherwise we would have only 2 hypers to discuss about and thats just to sad... So yeah IMO EGF and Goliath are hypers, i don't expect you to share that opinion just accept the fact that they count as a (mini) hyper in this particular thread. Ow yeah and chill out dude you're taking this way to serious! Don't call me dude! a post was made before I made any ,somebody else stated that Egf was not a hyper, I agree and that is based purley on what most coaster enthusiasts would count as a a hyper the reason I got pissed is because typical Amercan style if they don't agree with what you are saying they change the rules. EGF is not a Hyper. Whay can't a hyper be made out of wood (bang you just shot your self in the foot) It has nothing to do with what it's made with. I bet when all you credit whores rode your first 200+ coaster you where excited about riding your first Hyper.
  8. Yes let's say it's a Hyper just to beef the list up where's stealth? At this point I will say my good bye's Please remove me from you mailing list. Thank you!
  9. until Arrow built Magnum XL200 (200 foot coaster) the term hypers didn't excist, Intamin build a 300 foot coaster and call it a giga like wise the 400 foot is a terra . These are all phrases commonly used in the coaster world wether you are riding an intamin an Arrow or a B&M. Some people on these forums don't class water coasters as credits some do, so I suppose it depends on which way you look at it to me EGF isn't a hyper. And as statedin my earlier post if we are classing it as one then why isn't colossus at hyde park on the list and we might as well ad Jubille odessy that's a pretty big coaster.
  10. I am confused by this purchase, the park tried to buy a vekoma hangover a a few years ago and where denide planning permission due to it's height, so what's changed. I hope they paint this ride maybe they will theme it a big castle
  11. By definition a hyper is as a coaster that is either over 200 feet tall or has a drop of 200, try as you like EGF is not a hyper and shouldn't be in this contest, if we where counting costers that are nearly hypers then why isn't colossus in the line up.
  12. Personally I won't miss the cyclone or the park, my main worry is that BPB seem to think that it will be able to pass off used rides as new a couple of miles up the road. (Traumatiser)
  13. I want to marry christie, you guys looked to have a good time, Robb my wife would love your chicken wings, I am more of a breast man but then again I am from yorkshire (Derek this is the home of Proper Beer). also see http://www.bbc.co.uk/southyorkshire/greedycow/beer_tasting/ Keep up the fun
  14. Kumali, sorry but this ride is uncomfortable, and it felt quite rough (already)
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