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Happy Birthday Soren!!!


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Since Elissa locked up the Happy Birthday thread......


Happy Birthday Soren!!!!!!


Hope your birthday turns out great!!!!

I read about your situation in another thread and I really hope you do have a great birthday. From what I have read and learned in all the posts in the forum that you have posted I think you are a fantastic dude with a good head on your shoulders who seems to knows whats best for yourself. Live your life Soren to the fullest and may all you goals in life come true!!



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Happy birthday Soren! I already said happy birthday to you and others another thread.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sören! I know it is probably a little too early, but who cares? I don't feel like waiting for a random birthday PTR from you to say "Happy birthday". Sorry, but I like being early! Happy birthday to you, and don't worry about being one year older! I also want to say Happy birthday to CoastersRULE, Ultracoasters, Lincow, evil_cod, our very own Robb, and thrillseeker. Happy birthday to you guys and possibly girls! Don't you ever think I forgotten about you guys!
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OMG, I have my own Birthday thread, that is so cool!


First of all I have to say thanks to everyone, for the birthday wishes! My day was okay! This morning I was at work for 4 hours! Then I drove to my grandmom for lunch and tee time! It was very good and I got a few nice presents!

However, my parents havn´t call me this day! Maybe they call me later, but I don´t think so! That is my first birthay, I havn´t seen my parents! That is really sad. I have no idea, what is wrong! That really was the only bad thing today!

I am sorry, but I have no PTR, of this day! I wasn´t in the mood to make some pictures! Because you know, the family thing!

Anyway, thanks again!



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^^^ That is really sad Sören, that you haven't seen your parents yet. Maybe they'll surprise you later, but if not, there will be plenty of other years, even if you are in the States.


However, it sounds like you have had a nice afternoon with your grandma anyway? I'm sure you enjoyed the cake she made, we've all seen pictures of her awesome cooking!


How's it feel to be old?

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