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Happy Birthday Soren!!!


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Way to go Soren!


Over 4 pages of Birthday wishes!


You are feeling the love tonight! Your extended family at TPR is always looking out for you.


So have a great Birthday! It's great to know that you have friends from all parts of the globe!


I second this!!!!!!!! ::lover::

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^ Since I like the #3, I will THIRD THE MOTION, lolol.


I know it's late, and you're now celebrating "the day after The Day" (heh heh) but I hope that yesterday was a good one for you.


(And "for the record," Robb shares his birthday with the "little fella" himself, Gilligan / Bob Denver, who passed away, recently. So I got dib's on that note, lol.)


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Hey guys,

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! It is great to see there are so many friends on the boards.

My day was okay, I had a good time at my grandmoms house and at the evening I meet a few friends! I really feel ashamed, but it was the first day I made no pictures! I wasn´t in the mood to make some photos! However, be sure guys I´ll make a new PTR soon!



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