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The Youtube Thread


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In my opinion, the following video links are absolutly brilliant:








All 3 of the hit show Balls Of Steel. Anyone in the UK or who has actuley seen this will know it can be rude but brilliant and hilarious to watch






PS: Sorry if you are offended by the videos.

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My friend just showed me this, and It makes me miss good Nickelodeon SOO much. It's the intros to a lot of old shows.




All That

Kenan and Kel

Pete and Pete

Clarissa Explains it All

The Secret World of Alex Mac

My Brother and Me

Are You Afraid of the Dark

Salute Your Shorts!!!

Legends of the Hidden Temple


Plus a few more.


EDIT: Here's some more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5P5yqPxqnQ&mode=related&search=




Rocko's Modern Life

Inspector Gadget

The Angry Beavers

Hey Arnold

Tiny Toon Adventures


Beetle Juice

Aaaah! Real Monsters

Ren and Stimpy


I miss those shows so bad.



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Here's a few more:



The Lazer Collection.



More lazers!



Thwomps: The Movie.



This makes you experience emotion. I have no idea WHICH emotion... it's just pure emotion. Something like "Awesome Funny Cool" in one.



2015... the Web of the future.






Warning: Runtime is around 33 minutes.

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Live from my high school on Friday, Sept 14. There was a streaker at our football game. I was there when it happened. It was f***in hilarious!



He escaped and has not been caught because the students who know who he is (myself included) aren't going to turn him in because it will be automatic expulsion for him when caught.

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