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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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Daytime highs of around 0 to -5 degrees F, nighttime lows of around -20. Windchill is usually around 10 to 20 degrees lower. There's also about 2 to 3 feet of snow.


This is why northern roads wear out so fast. For example, Florida sees a year-round temperature change of maybe 50 degrees (60 to 110 I'm guessing), while here the difference is more like 120 degrees (-20 to 100, although Minneapolis was up to 114 last summer).

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It's -21°C in Brossard (close to Montreal) right now. In fahrenheits it's -5.1°F. Yersterday it was worst, it was -29°C I think, so -20.2°F. It's freaking cold, I just want to stay inside !


EDIT : with the wind it's -33°C right now, so -27.4°F

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We're currently at a "balmy" 31, but the temps are supposed to plummet Monday night and into Tuesday with those bitterly cold temps, plus lake effect snow. I hope that we don't get too much snow as I don't want to have to go snow blow the driveway when it's that cold.


I did that the other day when it was 2 degrees and I could feel the cold invading through my long underwear, pants and snow pants! And I also need to get the outside Christmas lights down, but they may end up staying up there until the temps warm up at least into the 40's.

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