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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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^Death Valley living up to its reputation.


Yesterday It was 99°F here where I am. Today it will reach 100°, although it will cool down to 61° at night (that's the great thing about only being 20 miles inland from the coast). Sunday it will go up to 106° here supposedly so I will be heading to Pismo Beach where the is high is supposed to be 81°(which is high for Pismo). Those who say 80° is hot are wrong. 80° is warm, not hot. There will be extreme heat in most of Southern/Central CA this weekend with levels cooling down to normal summer hot (90s around me) around next Wednesday.

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^ Sometimes Apple's weather app is wrong or it has to be refreshed. Sometimes I'll turn it on and will list the weather from the last time I opened it up and it will take a few minutes to update. And the weather numbers aren't nearly as accurate as Weather.com or Accuweather.com. I used AccuWeather to post my numbers.

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^ Accuweather is a great weather app. Btw, it hit 100° today in Fort Lauderdale! Perfect day to go airboating in the Everglades? Yeah...not really. It started pouring as soon as we were finished, and the weather cooled down for a bit. It's still 87° at 7:40!!! [sMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH AND TIGHTLY-CLOSED EYES]

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It got to 104 out here. Luckily, our AC is still working so we're just hiding indoors. I know people say this a lot, and it sounds really dumb, but the dryness in Reno does make it a lot more tolerable. After living in Texas for a few years I can definitely say that 104 in Reno is a lot more comfortable than 104 in Austin.

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Sunny, sunny...and sunny!

Around mid-20'sC on average.


Love it. And with all the tanning I

have done in the last couple of

TPR Tours (Mexico and Japan), there's

no need (for myself) for lotion!


Woo hoo!

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