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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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Here in Belgium: around 70°F, sunny with little clouds, a little breeze and everything is green! We had to wait too long, but finally the weather is good!

Maybe stupid that I'm posting a pic but everytime I look out of my window, I'm amazed by this view!


^^I also love spring!


Green! All shades of green!

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Here is the weather at home today (I've just taken these pics from my house): (What do you think of my French Country? lol Only for this view I could feel proud of being French lol)


I love this weather: when there's sun, when vegetation's green, when it's not too much hot (more than 20°c/68°f).


Un fortunately, rumors announce that May and June are going to be very hot (and during June I've my exams and I don't really like hot! That make me feel bad).



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Right now it's bordering 100* Fahrenheit. Ugh.


Here's tomorrow's forecast!


The National Weather Service warns of a possible tornado outbreak in the Great Plains tomorrow with conditions similar to a deadly day in 1974 when 39 tornadoes touched down.


Computer forecasting models resemble those on June 8, 1974, when more than three dozen tornadoes touched down in the southern Plains and killed 22 people, including six in Emporia.


NWS meteorologist Robb Lawson said, "this event warrants more advance warning."


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Storm Prediction Center has been warning for days of the outbreak.


Mike Smith is CEO of WeatherData, a subsidiary of AccuWeather. He said some forecasters are predicting the tornadoes could hit a corridor stretching from northern Oklahoma to central Iowa. That area would include much of Kansas and northwest Missouri.


Smith said, "If you take April dynamics and June thermodynamics, you have a potentially disastrous combination."


Just great.

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rain rain freaking go away! I am staying at my grandparents due to my apt. being flooded out. When I left 3 hours ago the water was just making its way into my apt. Hopefully we won't lose too much and be out too long. I think I might be able to stay with my dad if I have to.

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